Question to Oasis users.

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What kind of anti-spyware, anti-virus, or anti-malware do you run? I'm currently running Ad-Aware Game Edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Peer Block (actually a firewall).


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I believe I have Norton

S'worked pretty good for me
That's redick!

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I don't know?

Does 'Having a Mac' count?

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having a Windows 7 machine does fine by itself too. However whether you have the lastest version on Windows, Apple's OS, Linux, Fedora, et cetera you can never be too careful. I believe an unnamed person once said "The internet is a jungle, don't get eaten".

Although we are far from the "Wild West" days of the internet and crawling isn't so crazy we still need protection. With the popularity of Apple's OS, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple products would soon be targetted right next to Microsoft Windows. So to finally answer your question, I'm sorry it might not count for very long (if my prediction is true).

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I haven't a clue. I don't

I haven't a clue. I don't pay attention to that stuff. As long as my computer is operational, I'm good. I think I have Norton, but I'm not positive.

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my take on the issue is that it should matter, as a computer is really more an investment that should be taken care of and maintained like say a car or a bicycle.

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Nortan and AVG works pretty

Nortan and AVG works pretty well AVG covers were nortpn fails and Nortan covers where AVG fails

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Pretty good!

This is why people need at least two programs as such. Just one program often won't cover the whole spectrum and people don't often realize that.

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yep, now if my computer gets

yep, now if my computer gets the cold virus thats getting around ill get a pack of tissues :D

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To everyone with Microsoft Windows,

I highly recommend you get Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free but you need to know your OS (Windows version) and Processor type (x86 / 64). There are updates available everyday and it removes a lot of junk that other programs might not pick up.

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I have

the free version of AVG because I'm poor. It works alright.

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Me too :)
but sadly my laptop isnt working right now :s

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Damn! That sucks. I would

Damn! That sucks. I would die if my laptop didn't work. My neighbor spilled water on her roommate's laptop. Neither of them seem to worried. It's concerning.