So cute

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Don't have much time, but today, at a swim meet Shelby was at, she told me she saw this guy trying to hold hands with this other guy and I was like *GASM*.
Because I know that guy, he's on my bus, and starting at the beginning of the year, the first time I saw him, I thought he was probably gay. Just something, I dunno. Maybe it was his fluorescent colored skinny jeans.

But he's also pretty fucking cute. So yeah, that was awesome, that made me happy.


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Hate to be off topic but,

Shit, dude, we've been on Oasis for over 2 years!...

Imagine that :o

Also, man, he was totally adorable. But totes shy. The kid he was tryin' to make moves on was sitting RIGHT in front of his family :P so I think that might have been part of the problem ;)

That's redick!

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Anyway, that explanation works for me!

And... he gets an A+ for effort (despite somewhat reckless/oblivious-? behavior). :)