So yeah.

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I had my Kindle Fire for a bit and I just rooted it and modded the hell out of it. It's so awesome to make the most out of the money that was spent on it. It's just so cool, I believe that this is what constitutes as the "death grip" ja? Well anyway Christmas wasn't what I expected but I always try to aim for the one that happened in '09.

So not much happening but at least my Mother and I are spending time together. As for my Father, that's a different story. Well back to my Kindle Fire, I put a Cyanogen theme for the GO Launcher EX. And thanks to the wallpaper mod I have a nice blue neon polar clock live wallpaper. It's my pride and joy aside from my DEFY (rooted as well{lol}).

Well I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Ḥănukkāh, and a great Kwanzaa (starts on the 26th). If you've made it this far please keep reading, I tried not to brag about my Kindle Fire, I was just really happy about it.


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Dude the things I would do

Dude the things I would do to get a kindle -_- I want one so bad! lol

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unless you want a dedicated Amazon Kindle Fire, you won't have the options I have. But rooting is RISKY man, do it if you know what you're doing, and if you don't know what you're doing you might run the VERY HIGH risk of "bricking" it. I would recommend HP touchpad or Blackberry PlayBook if you're interested in something already capable of great things without root.

I'm happy with my Kindle Fire though. :-)

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Oh, yeaaah I'm not very good

Oh, yeaaah I'm not very good at technical stuff so I guess I can count the kindle out xD But I have heard really good stuff about HP tablets so I'ma take a look at them :)