The idea of ownership is weird to me...

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I think it's really weird when people associate by the things they choose not to do.
I would never join, say, a "I don't find girls hot club", no, I'd join a "boys are fucking sexy" club.
And there's like facebook groups of people that don't smoke. It's just like, man.
I mean, if I smoked, I wouldn't go out and join smoker clubs, but that would make a hell of a lot more sense than a not-smoker club.
There's a theoretically infinite amount of things I don't do, a theoretically infinite amount of things you could make up that I don't do.
But there is only a finite amount of things I do do, and of those, only several are interesting, and so only for those things would I ever join a club.

I mean, it's ridiculous that apparently people are hating on this kid, sure, he's a preachy little fucker, but I'm content to just find him amusing and move on with my vulgar ways.
One thing I did want to point out though, although it probably makes me a hypocrite to give him more attention than he deserves, on his website it says Clean language is a sign of intelligence and always demands respect.
I really don't see why clean language would necessarily make someone intelligent, hell, I consider it a sign of intelligence that you realize how arbitrary it is and just start using it.
And always demands respect? As far as I know, Hitler didn't swear while making speeches, and there's no swears in the Nuremberg laws, but that doesn't make what they say any less horrible, it's what they're saying, not the specific words they use to express them with.
That's just shallow, man.

On to news for the day, not much. In the library had a buncha nice chats with CAG, fun times, I'm thinking if nothing else happens, in the spring, when I can drive, I'll ask him out to lunch on a half day or something, nothing necessarily binding.
I'm relatively confident I can do this, I've already gotten his phone number and texted him with minimal pain, I'm fairly sure I have the spine (I used to say I have the balls, but I saw a quote on facebook that said, why would you want to grow balls to get stronger? Balls are weak and fragile. Now, what you need is a vagina, those things can really take a pounding. lolololol) to just be like "hey, let's go to the Burger Place sometime, like after school on the half day. I bet we can find things to talk about"
What we'd talk about though, I dunno. It's taking a risk of being a totally awkward lunch if he's just totally straight, or just weirding him out, but I think I have enough "evidence" to suspect that he's at least incredibly interested in being friends.

Also, I might very well have strep throat. Stay tuned.
I shouldn't swim while sick, I'll just make myself worse. I'm so fucking tired and miserable but the coach expects me to go to swimming if I'm at school. Fuck.

Finally, the title of the journal.
Background: Pretty recently I've been trying to uncouple myself from all the biases that come with growing up a white boy in a white Christian country. Among those are of course profanity, but then also surrounding a buncha other things like gayity, drugs, brown people, all sorts of shit.
As well as historical biases like Columbus was a good person, yeah, he wasn't. But whatever.

I've been trying to do this because of a few things, one is my being gay helped me question why people think it's wrong, and then onto why people think so many other things are wrong, like the above mentioned.
And also, when I was like 10, I was watching the news, and I saw in the Middle East, probably in Iraq, there had been a bombing of some kind, and they had video images of huge crowds of concerned people rushing to save these injured people they didn't even know.
And that surprised me.
And over the time between now and then, I've become more and more ashamed by that. From what I thought all the people in the largely homogenous, vague place I didn't even know the location of, the Middle East, all the people there were largely just shifty people, looking only for ways to further themselves.
And now I'm horrified at that. I still don't have an accurate picture, because I've never been there and I have to trust the information the news sources give me, which you can't always, but now I realize that much more likely all they are is mostly just good people just trying to live their lives, like me and most everyone else, and they have different customs and a different religion that they teach to their kids, but it's just a lot like here.
As well, the Middle East isn't just one big place full of brown people, the people are separated far more diversely than here.
And I know where it is now, too.

Anyway, after that digression, I've been wondering about some of the basics of our Western thought like gender roles.
And now I've been wondering about the thought of ownership, and how weird it is.
Like, the thought that sometimes people get mad if they leave, someone uses their thing, whatever it is, and puts it back unharmed, that someone could get mad about them using it, because it's "theirs".
It's like we make invisible threads connecting us to our property.
Like we all want "things" that somehow "belong" to us.
It's weird.
The weirdest of all is land ownership. The people on the Oregon Trail just walked in and they gave them land, they're just like kazaam, you signed this paper, now this parcel of land is "yours". "It belongs to you".
It seems to me to be such hubris to assume that we can "own" pieces of the earth, especially just by signing papers.
The Indians didn't have as much of a concept of that, they were pretty confused when the white people came in and said, "okay, this land is 'ours' now". They were all like the bleeding fuck? How can one "own" land? Don't we all share it?

It just seems arbitrary. Not that I'm saying we should necessarily change, but I just like to understand most of the time how arbitrary the things I hold to be obvious are, to make me perhaps more reluctant in the future to criticize someone else, or start a fight over it.
That's like most of the social customs I object to, yeah, we should keep doing them, it's our culture, but I think people would do better if they stopped trying to imagine that there actually are reasons for why we do things like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, or swearing, or etiquette.
A lot of people defend those ideas jealously without ever really understanding either what they are or why they're defending them, just that's what they were taught, and that's what they believe.
I like to get away from that.


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I listen to a lot of Tool,

so I love curses, not that I actually use them. I'm never angry or anything, so I have no use for ejaculations other than out of minor excitement, where curses would just seem out of place (I usually just go with "yay" or "yeah"). Anyway, Tool:
"Fuck retro anything.
Fuck your tattoos.
Fuck all you junkies and
Fuck your short memory."

"If I'm the fuckin' man
Then you're the fuckin' man as well
So you can
Point that fuckin' finger up your ass."
–Hooker With a Penis


Hooker With a Penis:

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You would love "Ænima" because of this part about how people obsess over pointless things:

"Fret for your figure and
Fret for your latte and
Fret for your lawsuit and
Fret for your hairpiece and
Fret for your prozac and
Fret for your pilot and
Fret for your contract and
Fret for your car."

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If the Beatles...

...were around today... this could easily have been them! (Minus profanity, of course.)

Posting the lyrics was a distinct +!

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Ohmygosh. I love Tool. They

Ohmygosh. I love Tool. They are definitely one of the most unique bands ever. My favorite songs by them are "Vicarious" and "Sober." And their music videos? They creep me out so badly.

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I would totally join a club for people who do eat meat.....