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I am 21 years old, and I am gay. Wow this feels weird because up until this point i've never even told a stranger. I live a pretty good life right now. Everyone thinks i'm straight, just looking for the right girl (is what my mom says). I have a lot of friends (all straight). I own half my dads business. I own my own house. Very close to my parents. I go out and have fun. But I am very lonely...only I know that because i choose to hide it. It sucks, I would love to come out to the world but i am just not ready. I just wish I was straight, have a wife and kids you know. I can only imagine what my parents will say. And I have very nice things...all paid for by my business. And I am afraid that if i come out, my dad will disown me and then what will i do (financially that is). There is a lot more to it then this and sorry if my context is confusing, this is my first time talking about any of this. Please feel free to give any input and ask any questions. I wouldn't mind a gay cyber friend(s) lol

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I have a question for

I have a question for you?... If you OWN half the busniess... how can his disowning you cause you to loose that financially support, becuase techinally your dad can't take that away form you if he doesn't own it... Right? I don't know much about busniess or your sutituation so I am just asking...

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do your parents think being

do your parents think being gay is bad? your friends?
-Helen was here :P love u :)
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Quite a dilemma.

I think you should tell your friends. If they don't accept you, then they're bad friends and you should get new ones.
This is the perfect web site for gay cyber friends. I will try to be one, but you must stay here and not leave the web site like over half the people who post this stuff do.
Don't write in the forum section. Make journals in stead. Journal entries can easily be found again if you ever want to reflect.

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