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I'm happy cuz I just got a brand spankin' new library card. Why yes, libraries do still exist in the world. My town's library just had renovations done on it, and it looks awesome, like the freakin' Wal Mart of books or something. The place is huge. I think I'm the only teenager in America who cares about the existence of libraries. I'll probably be spending, like, every day at the library now that I gots mah library card. I carry it in my wallet with pride. Like a dork.

I've been working on letters to people who have impacted my life. I stopped doing those for awhile, but now I've started them again. I've edited the ones I've already done and I'm working on new people. I also wrote what you might call a love letter to newspaper girl, just explaining my crush to her and stuff like that. I tried not to get too mushy. She'll probably never see it. I've considered posting these letters on Oasis, just to get some feedback, but I dunno. They're probably too long and tedious.

So I've hatched an ingenious plan to get a glimpse of my mother's attitude toward THE GAYS. Cuz frankly, I have no idea how she feels about gay people. I mean, she reprimands my sister whenever she makes fun of a gay guy on TV, but then there was that one time we were at the store and there was a gay couple in front of us, and we started talking about it, and I'm all "Mom, why ya gotta be so judgemental?" And she's all "I will not apologize for having morals."

I'm convinced that her compassionate, accepting nature and the hardcore old-fashioned Christian morals that were pounded into her as a child are fighting within her. So my plan is this: I work with this adorable gay guy at work, and I figure I'll casually mention him in a perfectly casual conversation. Then I'll finally know for certain how she feels about THE GAYS. Then I'll be able to have a better prediction about her reaction when I come out. Genius.

I've decided to buy this gay pride ring I found awhile ago, and put it on a necklace. I was all bummed because it wasn't small enough for my baby fingers, but then I realized that I could just slip it onto a chain and wear it like that. I'm such a blonde. Why did I not think of this earlier?

Welp, that's pretty much all I got. There really was no point to this journal, but I felt like writing anyway.


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hey... i like libraries....

and i too, carry my card with pride! of course, i also carry my lavender league membership card with pride too! lmao!(btw, i actually have these... i went to kinko's and got about 500 cards print up that read "Jessen Avery Christensen VIII, proud member of the lavender league since June 1st, 2002" in rainbow coloured ink, on light purple cardstock. all i had to do was give my mom a card, when i came out, and then she got the idea...yay, for off the wall coming out ideas!

~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"

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Lavender league...what

Lavender league...what exactly is that? :o

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Library card here too!

I carry it around even though it's 10 years out of date. lol