Today was a marvelous day.

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It most certainly was. I walked to the middle school after class and saw my 6th grade teacher for the first time in several months. We sat and chatted and it was wonderful. I've talked about her briefly before, and she's just the quirkiest teacher ever. She believes in universal energies and she dresses like a teenager and has the most unusual sense of humor ever. We talked about college, about our futures, about her salary being cut, about her being forced into getting a second job at a retail store in the mall because 25,000 dollars a year isn't enough anymore.

That poor woman. She's so intelligent and creative and open-minded and fun, yet she's stuck teaching rowdy sixth graders in a dismal small-town middle school. I hope she escapes this town someday and finds a job teaching somewhere better. Because really, the woman deserves better. She'll be joining the teachers if they strike next semester, and I don't blame her at all. She also divorced recently, to make financial matter even worse. I'm going to send her another email since we stopped emailing each other awhile ago. Hopefully she's not too overwhelmed to keep in touch. Talking to her is better than talking to some of my friends.

But then my friend, who tutors fifth graders at the same school, came in and started taking over our conversation, and then her mom and sister showed up and after that my conversation with Mrs. J was cut short. I think I'll visit her more often.

Another bigger reason why today was marvelous: newspaper girl and I had a long conversation, our longest yet. She told me that once when she was a freshman she beat up a girl for insulting her friend. I mean, wow. That is the LAST thing I would expect from her. But that's the only time she's ever touched another person. This gave me the perfect opportunity to gush to her about how sweet and innocent she is and how shocked I was to hear that, which made her giggle and blush.

She also told me she wants to go backpacking in Europe during college, and her boyfriend is gonna go with her. And her boyfriend is a high school dropout. Um, wut? She's obviously way too smart for him! But yeah, it was great. We're getting closer, slowly but surely. I've been thinking about dropping health class next semester and taking another semester of P.E just to have NG all to myself, and just taking health senior year, but that's somewhat drastic, don't you think?

The only downside to today was my best friend's boyfriend broke up with her and now I have to listen to her vent her pain in a very overdramatic, emo way. The guy's been arrested four times and runs from police and has tried every drug known to man. He's tried to commit suicide and he's got a shit ton of emotional problems. At this point I don't have much pity for her. She chooses to date these losers, so why should I baby her and tell her what she wants to hear? Oh well. At least she's appreciating me a lot more lately.


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I'm glad your day was

I'm glad your day was marvelous. Yes, that is sad about teachers. It's happening here, too. One of my close previous teachers and I chatted the other day. She's literally thinking about getting a cheapo RV, homeschooling her 3 kids, and moving to Florida to live near the swamps by her brother and his family. She is also recently divorced. Anyway, I hope our teachers can find some sense of security soon!! They deserve it more than anyone, for sure.

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My teacher wants to go to

My teacher wants to go to North Carolina and start teaching there, but there are no teaching positions available. I just hate that the people who educate the youth of America are getting crappy pay while famous assholes are paid millions of dollars to stand and look pretty in a thirty-second commercial.

Where is the justice in this?

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Good question. I do not see

Good question. I do not see any justice in this. How can it be changed? I'm not sure. But it is a problem.. In my job, I talk to teachers for like 7 hours a day. 80% of them mention not having big book orders because of being at a low income school and no classroom book budget..All I can do is say thank goodness for libraries. And I waive every single shipping fee. I hope it helps them, at least a little.