Twas Christmas Morn...

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and every little one was stirring young little Jenna woke up with excitement she summoned us all by energetic shaking and was welcomed in the living room by a Matt and a Ruby after much ado about presents the good ones where opened first

Jenna received a new IPod and a TV she was excited as Cake
AJ received a new computer and many a Belgian chocolate
Rachael this year got a brush and a bottle of expensive champagne to mark this day
Rosie this day got a party a Christmas one to that she dreamed of
Matt received a brilliant gift of a minivan that was a return from that one i wrecked
Ruby got all the baby stuff she always dreamed of
i myself increased to be quite jolly that the receiver of a very good laptop which thou is typing with and received a private gift that midnight a big box which AJ was in "heres your present" she said it was quite swell

but not all things were so good after the presents were done the stockings were checked and none were happy

in jennas was a orange
in AJs was a bottle of discount Bru
Racheal got a joke book for kids she was over the moon we were not
Rosie got a ruined balloon her hair went flat
Matt received a condom
Ruby was the good one a pair of baby clothes
i received a poster of Matt admiring a toaster

we laughed it off
so all can enjoy a day of giving even those who hate this day

so how was your Christmas morning?


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"she was excited as Cake"

Are you alluding to the band, CAKE?

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actually no

i had no idea what to say other than that but nice coincidence

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies