um...... Hey?

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I feels like I haven't been here in forever... so link spam!~




Quick life update: My grandfather now lives 10 minutes from my house. o.0 & x.x
I also switched names twice while I was gone. XD

Ayumi -> Sayomi -> Rika

Rika just sounds more normal and easy to pronounce... XD

Um... I guess that's it? Well for now anyway? -cute laugh-

Until next time,


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Welcome back!

You're my new buddy! :D


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Yeah... You've been missed!


Curious: Is each new iteration of your name undertaken to match an auspicious evolution in your personality? Tell us about it...

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Welcome back!

I don't recall thee. Therefore you must either be relatively new (within the past two years) or rather old (over four years ago). Or perhaps my memory fails me.

* * *
The father now gallops, with terror half wild,
He holds in his arms the shuddering child;
He reaches his farmstead with toil and dread,—
The child in his arms lies motionless, dead.