Vacations get me away from the Internet.

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And that's good. It's good for me to be away from the Internet for a while. Oh yes.

Tonight I went to a Victorian Christmas Ball. It was exactly like the Civil War Ball, except that nobody I know was there and one guy apparently did not understand that 'Victorian Christmas Ball' did not mean 'Steampunk Party.'
Since nobody I know was there, I danced with a different stranger every dance. A lot of my past partners would exchange smiles with me later in the evening, but none of us ever conversed beyond 'May I have this dance' and maybe a quick 'Hi my name is.'
And it was generally fabulous, but because I've already gushed about how fantastic the Civil War Ball was, I won't expound any more on this.

Then tomorrow we leave for vacation - driving to New Orleans. Louisiana Alabama Mississippi Florida are the only states to which I've never been yet, and we might hit them all this trip. So that would be cool. And in any case I'm eager to see New Orleans - so much culture and history and so on. And swamps and alligators. And food and music, although that's part of 'culture.' Anyway. I'm excited for vacation.

So... be back in a couple weeks. Bye, Oasies!


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I really need to do more

I really need to do more traveling. The only state I've been to outside of the tri-state area is Florida, and I didn't like it there. New Orleans sounds like a wonderful place to visit. When I think of that place, I think of jazz festivals and Mardi Gras.

Have fun, and tell us about your adventures there.