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I havent posted an entry in awhile. Ive been busy. Ive been sick.
A lot has happened in 3 weeks. :P

Right now i just need to vent though.
Everything has been pissing me off at school today.
I mean it's not like i had a bad morning. When you start the day off with a wake n bake, it just cant be a bad morning. haha.
but anyways, i got to school late. no big deal there. first per. was fine, nothing bad about it.
Second per was a different story though. I finally finished drawing out my meat sharks, they didnt turn out the way i imagined when i first got the idea. But they werent terrible either. This guy, T, who sits at my table decided to criticize my work. Okay, whatever, right? yeah. I sat there and took it. He didnt like it cause it didnt look the way he pictured it. Fine. I wasnt upset. I understand that criticism is important in art. Idc. But he just would not shutup about the same thing. And after about 5 minutes of him telling me what he envisioned it to be, i had just had enough. I kinda snapped at him. I very rudely told him i didnt care, and that it turned out the way it did cause of how i felt when i drew it. And if he felt he couldve done a better job, he could make one too and i wouldnt give a fuck.
What made it worse was that Suzanne was on his side too. And that kinda irked me some more.
Anyways, Third per was fine. I caught up on what i missed from my absences from this and last week.
Now at lunch, i kinda just wanted to make it a good one. To cancel out what happened in Art. But no. Drama is everywhere. Something about my friend's bf and how he's a piece of crap. Whatever. Idc. I mean i know i should, but she hasnt told me anything and neither have my other friends. So i have no place in this and i'm not going to force myself in. especially if im not wanted in. :P
but that drama completely ruined my lunch. I didnt feel like being put down by suzanne so i came to vent here.
Amanda and i arent talking, not since she ignored me the sunday before thanksgiving.
We were having a convo, you know just talking shit lol. Then i tell her i have to talk to her about something and she just stops texting me. I kinda ask how come she didnt reply, and i get no response. Whatever dude. Im just gonna not try to explain myself anymore. She didnt give me a chance to explain myself then, what makes me think she's going to another day. *sigh*.
Ive seen her at school. She'll wave every now and then. and i'll just smile and play it off. Im kinda trying to avoid her. I am butthurt. I think i at least deserved a chance to explain myself, even if she did think i was going to ask her out. Idc.
she tried talking to me while i was on my way to the library, i kinda made it obvious that i didnt want to talk. haha.
Girls are so fucking confusing and annoying. Sucks that I just happen to be one. :P
i think im done venting.
I guess i'll go deal with my shitty social life now.