we just emptied the fridge, drawings and hair colour

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this will be very long but please read

nothing like the look on AJ, Rosie & Racheals faces when me & jenna get up for a midnight snack and eat almost everything in the fridge i.e. we just emptied the fridge. i find it weird at me & jenna can almost eat a whole fridge between us and somehow stay fit and thin. i do occasional exercise but to my knowledge jenna doesn't exercise at all.

im hoping she isn't doing my "way of working out at night or occasionally during the day" if you catch my drift.

but during the time Matts at my house now, hes mostly at his new house but he comes over here when Ruby gets "insanely tortuously horribly hormonal" his actually quote. its just her pregnancy hormones but she goes from super-happy to super-shouty.

he usually draws he came up with an idea what if something happened at Turned me, AJ, Rosie, Racheal, Ashley, Kookie & Kirsty back into little girls with Hope acting like a mother since hope works as a nursery assistant hes got 2 sketch the 1st is like follows:

-Hope desperately trying to find a way to change us back.
-Me running around causing a mess and havoc.
-AJ trying to get Hope to think shes a big girl.
-Rosies staring by a balloon.
-Racheals crying & saying that Kirsty pushed her (kirsty used to be a bitch apparently).
-Ashley sitting looking at Hope saying "mummy hope im hungry".
-Kookies playing with a ball.
-Kirstys facing a wall looking at Racheal and replying "so what".

the 2nd ones:

-hope trying to control us saying "thats not edible".
-me and AJ are wrestling (not arguing fighting just because me & AJ used to play physiclly).
-Rosie being picked up by Hope saying "PINK!" (pinks her favourite colour & Hope is pink highlights).
-Racheals playing with a doll.
-Ashleys being shy and not talking to anyone.
-Kookies chewing on something (which is not edible).
-Kirstys causing mischief.

he says he has a 3rd one haven't seen it though (ill put up links when there done).

hes also done Rule 63 (gender-swap) of all 10 of us.

he ingeniously called us:

he sure does like Scottish names,

now the final part hair colour i wear hair dye (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple) so Rainbow Coloured hair so every 4 months i have to remove my dye and re-dye it so once i got rid of the colours i noticed my hair colour has changed from a very Dark Black to a Light Brown but maybe thats because ive dyed removed the dye and then re-dyed 30 times (3 times a year had Rainbow hair since 8).

so thats all for tonight.