What. The. Actual. FUCK?

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This journal contains some REALLY heavy stuff, just so you know. Like, it is probably the most awful journal I have ever written here. I was going to post about the ACT, but I got into the biggest fight of my life after I got home. I think that's a little more interesting.

I called my grandma for some cold medicine because I feel a cold coming on. She brought some to my house and began nagging me about Christmas presents. I already told her what I want last week, but she started to get angry because I only wanted 5 or so things.

Me: But Granny, if it's such a big deal, why not just give me some money?
Granny: Because that's bad!
Me: But there's not much I want.
Granny: You're so SELFISH! Why don't you ever think of how I feel when you only want a few presents?
Me: ...What? How does that even make sense?

She then said she was going to go buy a shitload of things she knew I wouldn't want, just so she could feel good about herself. I got frustrated and said, "Well, don't waste your fucking money on me, then, if I make you so mad." Things began to escalate, and she started screaming and calling me names like "crazy bitch" and "little hussy" and "SELFISH!!!" I think it's pretty ironic how NOT wanting stuff makes me "selfish."

Me: You are not going to talk to me like that. This is not even your house. Please leave.
Granny: I don't have to.
Me: You don't live here, so yeah, you kind of do.
Granny: I don't have to listen to a selfish 17-year-old.
Me: Fine, then. I'll call my mom and you'll have listen to her.

I called my mom. I was frustrated and crying by then, but thankfully, she was on her way home from Tennessee. She could not get Granny to leave, either. I probably don't have the legal power to get her to leave, but I'm sure my mom probably does. I then threatened to call the cops on her, but it had no effect, so I didn't.

I am sorry, but I am just NOT going to tolerate someone talking to me like that. Especially not in the house where I live and she is unwelcome. She hasn't really been welcome since that incident in March where she threatened my mom, anyway. She usually doesn't come here if my mom is here, but I was alone.

After I got off the phone with my mom, Granny tried to convince me that I am legitimately insane. I kept saying, "No, Granny, YOU are the one going senile," but she got angrier and angrier. I think this year she has started to lose her mind a bit. She tells the same stories multiple times, and she's getting horrible at driving.

Someone called my dad... I honestly can't even remember who. At first, he was mad at me, but as soon as he found out what names my grandma had called me, he FLIPPED HIS SHIT. Mad that no one was on her side, she called him a motherfucker, hung up, and left. But before she left we basically just screamed at each other for like 10 minutes... It was bad.

That is not the worst part. My dad later called the state police, and they are all looking for her because she will not tell anyone where she is. I really, really, really did not want the police to get involved. My mom wants to file a restraining order against her, but I really don't think that was necessary because there was no violence. I don't want the law to be involved. It was just a dumb argument. I'm also kind of worried about where she might be. She told my dad that she "couldn't handle" something before she left. What if I caused her to do something... reckless?

Actually, nevermind. I wrote most of this this afternoon, but tonight my mom told me that the police found Granny. She was about an hour or so away from home and had taken half a bottle of Xanax in a suicide attempt. Yes, REALLY. She failed, though, and was sent home. Not to the hospital, or to be evaluated or anything. Nope. Just to her house. What the hell? No, better yet, what the hell is ANY of this!? I don't understand what is going on? I ask Granny for cold medicine, she comes to my house and starts discussing Christmas shopping, then calls me a bitch and refuses to leave when I ask her to, and then there are police and she attempts to overdose...? Seriously, what?

I don't feel safe here. I want to move already. I want the locks on all the doors changed immediately. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay here next year. I really think I might want to go ahead and go to Tennessee where there is no unstable old woman with a key to my house.


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Ahhh, we already talked about this,

So here's an off-tone observation...

Mad that no one was on her side, she called him a motherfucker, hung up, and left.

I don't know if your grandma is from your dad or mom's side, but if she's your dad's mom, this cuss is pretty revealing... :P
That's redick!

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Haha yeah she is my dad's

Haha yeah she is my dad's mom!

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i a coincidence

my Mum phoned me & Matt and called us "Motherfuckers" and she called me her own child "a fucking dyke bitch" and even insulted Jenna saying "even the fucking little ones messed up" and so the police and Child Protection got involved

now shes not allowed to call us or even be inside east Lothian at all, and allowed to by near children either

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Damn, that sucks..

Damn, that sucks..

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yeah it does

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies