why i hate it when people say "things are all going to hell"

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so i read will grayson, will grayson. i raped it in the face(aka read it within a 24 hour cycle) it was really good. it almost made me cry a couple times, and made me want to punch people at others. in other words, it got an emoitional response, which as far as im concerned is the best thing a novel can do.
but the ending...well the frist time i read the last page i was just like "BICTH WHORE, IM GOING TO KILL A HERD OR BUFFALO, HOW COULD THEY END IT LIKE THAT? IM GOING TO CACTH YOU ON FIRE, WILL GRAYSON!" but then i read the last page again more carefully, and was like "oh, well what a pleasent ending. if that ending were a person, i wouldn't mind having it as a neighbor, and i would ask his 15 year old son to baby sit my six year old kids."
so yeah, good book, read it if you get the chance. also, i couldn't help but imagine deppresed will grayson as really hot. i kept just wanting to snuggle him all better. which, i understand, isnt how deppresion works, but my irrational side was still like "we snuggles you happy now!" and then stared off into the distance in blissfull stupidity,

anyway, it really gets on my nerves when people are like "you know, things are all going downhill" or "we need to get back to how things were in the 50's, when people cared about each other" for a couple raesons
becuase, for one, in my view, the world is kind of like a shit covered pearl.
for the most part, the world is good and wonderful, and so are most people. but there is a veneer of evil and suffering.
and as far as im concerned, the world has always been a shit pearl.
i figure, the world is always just as bad or good as it was at some other point in history. becuase the world is filled with people, and people will always be the same, reagardless of anything else short of total population lobatimazation.
secondley, nostalgia is dangerous. it pulls our eyes back, when our eyes should be foreward. nostalgia can slow, halt, even reverse, progress. and progress is our only hope, our only salvation. nostalgia makes people unable to enjoy their lives the way they are to the highest extent.


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It WAS a good book :D

Read that last year or so :] You should read other of John Green's books, they're greatness <3
That's redick!

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Me, too...

...at least a year ago. Agree with both of you!

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson is amazing.

As is everything John Green has ever written (or posted on YouTube). I keep intending to make myself a "Wildkits Respect EVERYONE" T-shirt.

"the world is kind of like a shit covered pearl." This is somehow really funny and really true at the same time. Perhaps the reason it's funny is because of how true it is. I don't know. But it's still awesome.


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John Green. John Green is

John Green. John Green is the greatest. Have you read anything else by him? Also, I like the shit-covered-pearl idea. Excellent analogy :) Very accurate.