Why, Why, Why?

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OK since Matts getting married soon and of course im going but in my family we have a tradition to grant the person getting married one favour of there choice.

so before i say the favour i was going to go to Matt's wedding wearing a Tux with an Rainbow Tie so his favour is to wear the Rainbow Dress i hate it but i have to wear it.

Ruby's favour? i can't act too masculine i'll try to not be too masculine but no promises.

so yeah hate dresses.

oh and im the Maid of Honour


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I feel for you

It sucks when somebody exploits a celebration and turns it into a chance to make you behave/dress the way they want. And of course you can't say no, because its "their wedding day", so you're stuck putting a part of your identity on the shelf for them. They probably didn't ask something like that of other guests, but you were the one they really took advantage of here. I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes.

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IKR Matt & Ruby normally don't do this im guessing the dress is because a few people think i look good in it im not sure about the masculinity Ruby & Matt have no problem with normal me

the did ask stuff from other guests but it wasn't as bad but i can do for 1 day

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies