Yay for birthdays!

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God do i feel fucking old. So in an hour, I turn 23...yep. 23. and I am still a neurotic, crazy drunken, borderline retarded individual @ times.

Today, it took me nearly 5 hours to move a cord of wood, cut it, and put in in the back, under our deck. too long. and it beat the shit out of me physically.

I mean, I am probably among the most outta shape young kids out there,. I am shocked! shocked, that I haven't died, passed out, or had a heart attack or stroke yet in my life.

Went to the doc last week. my blood pressure was insanely high. like 160/96!!! scary. on top of that, my blood sugar A1c was insanely high, yet again.

I guess...idk, I need to get healthy, get in shape, and ride more often. maybe start yoga. Idk.

If I ever want to be a pilot, I need to get this shit under control, or die extremely young.

on the plus side, I went to dinner @ my sister's tonight, and got a present of a ski trip to stevens pass, which is awesome, since I can't afford to ride this winter!

god I feel fucking old.


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Yay for the ski trip! Happy

Yay for the ski trip! Happy birthday..as far as the physical goes, one step at a time..OR just go all out and get INSANITY ;D

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Happy birthday bro! For some

Happy birthday bro! For some reason I thought you were a few years younger than 23...hehe, my mistake.

But yeah, you really need to do something about that blood sugar. And your health in general. Please?

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Happy Birthday :) And dont

Happy Birthday :)
And dont worry too much about getting older, there are perks :3.

"So can you tell me what's left when everything you care for carries on, when broken dreams are built to make you strong. When the memories of yesterday fall through these broken dreams are built to help you through." ~Authority Zero

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happy birthday....

and don't worry about the whole horrid health thing too much... when i went to the doctor for my sweet sixteen physical, my blood pressure was 312/182, i weighed 675 lbs., and my blood glucose a1c was an 11.(no, i didn't stroke out, and yes i was diabetic) I just went back and i now suffer from low blood pressure, i weigh 214 lbs. and my a1c is on the low side of normal... it may just be your genetics and a matter of time...

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