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I dream a little bit about the chance of seeing you, what I would say and what you would. This anguish is terrible, yes, but exhilarating, pornographic almost. It is something and it is real, visceral.

Sometimes I am filled with moments of great clarity, where things make sense. Then others I am unable to move forward.

And I think:
"Keep moving"
"Keep falling"

However, the importance lies not in the fall but in the landing.

(so back to daydreams...)

Heaven leaves a scar, too. Drowning in opiate tears, spitting piss-beer, I claimed my oblivion. Bit my lip to blood, and it meant nothing.

Comfort me and send me to morphine sleep,


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Keep falling, yes, but don't

Keep falling, yes, but don't fall through nor short...fall asleep :) and have nighttime dreams, and I hope they're comforting.