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I made an EP. The song transitions aren't very good. I also made cover art with Illustrator.

Jatil by Samavade

I've again been considering coming out to my sister's gay friend. I'm contemplating it, but there are cons and I see no logical reason to do so, other than to feel more releaved.

I've gotten over everybody hating me. People started ignoring me at lunch today in stead of constantly insulting me. That's good.


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i like jatil, especially

i like jatil, especially after 3 minutes

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Thanks a lot! <3

I just listened to the album again and noticed that it's the creepiest thing I've ever heard. XD

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I listened to all... really!

All three provided an emotional impact... at least, I think what I felt could be best described as emotion.

It would be helpful in my appreciation of the genre, however, if you would elaborate on what different emotions you intended each of the selections to invoke.

Are these clips just 2-channel, or are they best appreciated on a surround-sound system?

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The first one I think is very eerie and mysterious.

The second one is sort of strange and interesting.
The third one is also eerie, and just a bit sad (the reason it's called "Sati"). When hear it, I think of a deserted area covered in ash with remains of temporary structure.

I made them with 2-channel. I just listened to them on my father's surround-sound and didn't hear much notable difference. Jatil is definitely meant for 2-channel because of the sounds that pan to different sides. If you try listening to it with just one headphone, you'll notice. XD

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Strange, interesting, and eerie...

really don't qualify as emotions. They're qualifiers, but hardly emotions.

I am looking for something like longing, joyfulness, erotic, loneliness, love, empathy, serenity, ethereal...

Any of that in there?

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Should I do it?

This coming out to my sister's friend thing is really bothering me (because I see him all the time). It's risky, but I keep thinking about it. What do you say, Oasies?

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...unless you're plotting to vie for his affections, what would you gain?