2011 was a good year.

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On the night of 31 December 2010, I cried myself to sleep. The next morning, after having (for the first time I can remember) been asleep for the turning of the year, I felt far better than I had any right to feel mere hours after learning of the unexpected death of a beloved pet. There must have been something incredibly cathartic in that one final loss, which so closely followed my breakup with my best friend, the departure of the girl I loved but barely knew, and doubtless numerous minor woes I no longer remember.

And the effect of that catharsis lasted the whole year. A whole calendar year spent without Lily, Grey, Leigh, or Dunno - among those most beloved to me. In which nothing life-changingly good happened. Just general happiness for no obvious reason.

What good things happened in my world in 2011..... (in no particular order)
- Nobody died except the snake, who was old and not particularly beloved. Oma and the dog are both still alive, despite all fears and even expectations to the contrary.
- Prom was absolutely fabulous, especially the part about me punching Leigh. Other dances happened and were pretty fantastic too, like Q Prom, the Victorian Christmas Ball, and the Civil War Ball.
- Went to Tanzania, climbed Kilimanjaro, took a couple of safaris, met some Masai, bagged a fifth continent.
- Cut off my Jedi braid - now I can call myself a Jedi knight if I want to, because dammit, I wore that braid for over five years and accomplished all sorts of reasonably impressive things.
- Graduated from high school. Not sure if this counts as a 'good thing' contributing to my overall happiness this year, but at least it's a milestone.
- Reached the summit of Mount Whitney, twice. A pleasant and as-normal-as-I've-ever-experienced backpacking trip.
- Hallowe'en. 'Course, Hallowe'en is always good, but this year I even got to spend it with my friends rather than my brother's friends.
- Hit the last four states I needed, so have now been to all fifty. Spent a few days in New Orleans, and discovered that I love Creole food.
- Started college, was lucky enough to get one good roommate, seem to be doing pretty well with the whole college thing.
- Oma finally moved into a place appropriate for her needs. This we have been trying to get her to do for years.
- Transitioned genderwise as fully as I have much desire to - stopped using women's bathrooms; found and started going by a new name.
- Probably plenty of other things I'm too sleepy to think of right now.

So... Here's hoping that 2012 will be an okay year.


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best wishes to you <3

best wishes to you


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Finally! You're back!

I'm so glad you had a good year- last year was so tragic... It's hard to believe that it was an entire year ago. Didn't I send you about two pages' worth of smiley faces?
For me it simply seems as though nothing much has happened, although I'm sure that plenty has occurred...
For now I'm just thrilled that you've returned, because I've missed you, although I really had no right to miss you considering the amount of time I disappeared for. Whatever. You're here, you're happy, and that's what matters.


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Your 2011 sounded great. I

Your 2011 sounded great. I must say, I'm a littttle bit jealous of all of your traveling. But, yay for 2011 being a wonderful year, and here's to 2012 being better. Maybe you can hit those other continents :)
Ah! Safaris . . . how cool is that