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i did talk to Jenna about her porn i don't want to talk about it. shes banned from the Computer for 2 weeks, im taking her webcam away from her, changed my laptop password so she wont hack it & on a unrelated note ive replace all the metal coat hangers with plastic ones so she cant lock-pick my bedroom door

i got a tagged on another LGBT site (can't remember which) but it involves putting this quiz on another site this is the site i chose, these are not my questions

1. whats your full name?
Rainbow Robin Drewll

2. how old are you?

3. Birthday?
11 November 1993

4. any brothers or sisters?
Matt & Jenna

5. Pets?
a dog called Lisa & a tortoise called Tank

6. GF or BF?
yep AJ

7. what part of the LGBTO are you?

8. have you came out yet?
yes to everyone

9. how did your family take it or how do you think they will take it
Dad: Meh just let me drink in peace
Matt: KNEW IT!
Jenna: whats a lesbian?

10. how did your friends take it or how do you think they will take it?
close friends: well, duh
old friend who turned out to be a bitch: hehe, its Rainbow Dyke
most people: its OK to be gay
the fascist: ill be leading an army that will massacre you one day (his real words)

11. are you a stereotypical LGBTO?
well, extremely Stereotypical

12. anything with rainbows or any LGBTO possessions?
my Rainbow hair, its called Rainbows Rainbow

13. any LGBTO Friends or Family?
a few bisexual cousins, a lesbian sister, my GF & 4 other lesbian friends & a Bisexual friend

14. how the religious & close minded treating you?
well the leader of our local church is massively against Homophobia and called a homophobe an Asshole so pretty well actually

15. any Haters for you?
a old bitter friend, a Fascist & 1 homophobe pretty well for me actually

16. how old were you when you discovered you sexuality?
first sight of lesbians was a porn channel at 9
noticed attraction to women at 8
first full crush was 11
started thinking of myself as a lesbian at 11 or 12
came out at 15

17. self hate?
at 14 & 15

ok my own warning is this questions are sexual from here on dont do this if you don't want to

18. if so how old were you when you lost your virginity?

19. had sex in public? if so where?
yes, a lot, back of a cinema, police station, park, public bathrooms, beach, farm, etc

20. fetishes
none really

21. you Dominant or Passive
Dominant, defiantly

22. any wild fantasy's?
all came true

23. threesome?
had a foursome twice

24. sex toys?
overrated, can't use them

25. leather wear?
allergic to leather

26. ever had sex in someone elses bed that also was not your partners?
regret it but my brothers couch bed

27. ever been chased away for having sex?
my friend Kookie chased me & AJ off the Potato fields for having sex on a potato crop

28. ever been caught having sex?
alot by my sister a couple by my friends