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first of all out of the gazillion of things was Belle & Racheal, belles staying for 2 weeks and a normal 12 year old & a OCD riddled 18 year old do not mix at all!

secondly we went to meet Ruby's 3 sisters for the first time. i knew something must be wrong with them for us all not to be introduced her sisters are all queers sexually, behaviourally & Mentally its weird.

before we continue she as 3 sisters Emily, Romana & Katey including Ruby there lets say close i don't mean hugging & being honest i mean incest Close as in actually done it repeatedly and bragging about it Close and for the Sexually Queer Emily's a Lesbian, Romana's a lesbian paedophile, Katey's a bi Zoophile.

behaviourally Emily's a drunk, Romana's just odd can't explain it & Katey's the same as Romana.

and before i knew there names, we arrived late and saw 2 similar looking people proper kissing which i would eventually know as Emily & Katey, AJ says (as a joke) are you 2 related? they stop kissing like 3 seconds later Katey says "actually we're sisters" 3 seconds later they go back to kissing, ok.

and later on we get introduce to Emilys 15 year old daughter, Melissa so shes a allright girl but later Emily gets drunk and starts talking and says while drunk this actually was said
"i..i..i caht mah shish havein kinky sssssex wit melisssssssa....twissss......an an an im okah wit it" (Translation: i caught my sister having kinky sex with Melissa twice and im okay with it).

there toooooo close, Ruby tried to deny the claims that she had incest but a drunk Emily appears and says "don... don... don't yah rememba rubah dur. dur... during boxiiiiing dah" ruby denied it again then Emily shows pictures of it.

it was the oddest night of my entire life its one of those nights where you say "what the fuck was that".

and lastly and possibly worst haven't had sex in over 24 hours not... used... to... it....addiction....taking....over....BOOM.

i thought ruby was a bit odd at first.....


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That isn't good.

Get rid of that addiction.

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well, its an awesome addiction & it hurts nobody
and AJ's addicted too so its all good

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies