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I really don't feel like writing journals about my life right now. If I did, I'd be complaining about the same shit, because nothing seems to be changing. Nothing's really going my way (whine, gripe, complain. Ugh. I annoy myself). I could make change if I had the courage to, but I don't. I've recently come to the realization that I don't have a best friend, that she never existed to begin with. She's an emotional whore, not a sexual whore. She makes everyone feel like they're the center of her world and then puts them on her shelf until she needs them. Mostly guys, but I'm the one girl she's done this to.

So yeah. Enough talk about her. Here's an essay about technology I wrote for AP English. I was gonna share my editorial about technology, which is better than this, but the file is not compatible or whatever.

The Psychological Effects of Technology Addiction

This article, found on, was written by Jennifer Soong, a journalist who covers lifestyle and health trends for numerous magazines. It tells the story of Jenn Hoffman, a workaholic CEO who has a self-proclaimed “addiction to technology.” She has an uncontrollable compulsion to respond to every one of the 500 emails and texts she receives every day, regardless of where she is or what time of day it is. She brings her laptop to bed with her every night, and she’s been known to check her emails in the bathroom, on ski lifts, in the pool…anytime, anywhere. Technology has complete reign over her busy life.

Experts claim that technology can be just as harmful as obesity or smoking when it is abused. These technology addicts, who are increasing in number as the years pass, experience a few troubling symptoms. Headaches, insomnia, and stress are just a few downsides to being hooked on electronics. Too much technology also puts you at greater risk for heart attacks and other medical problems. Psychologists say that constantly being plugged in can cause you to become hyperactive and fatigued.

There is so much irony to be found in this report. We maintain this almost religious belief that technology saves us from stress by making everything easy, that it is the ultimate problem solver. In reality, the very thing that is simplifying our lives is also complicating them. How much do we miss out on because of our overdependence on technology? How much more do we have to miss before we finally realize we have a problem?

These questions are incredibly troubling. The physical and psychological side effects should be enough to snap people out of this technology craze, but unfortunately, I feel that most people will shrug off articles like this. Even when the evidence is shoved in our faces, we will continue to deny the facts, and we will continue to find refuge in this entity called the internet. This craze, sadly, will have to get even worse before it gets better.

Every one of us could very well be a technology addict to some extent. When we can hide behind a username, when we find self-worth through the comforts of social networking sites like Facebook, when we can view the world through the desensitizing, uncaring glare of a computer screen, how will we find value in anything else? We might continue to stray from the reality that lies beyond the Wi-Fi and the software updates. Face-to-face communication, real relationships with real people, self-awareness, the perseverance of true values and ethics—technology could make that all obsolete.

Here's a link to the article I referred to in the essay:


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This is true. I think

This is true. I think technology gives me headaches, but it is the only way I get to read the news...Maybe news gives me headaches hmm.. anyway, is this the whole essay? it has a very anti-technology message. I like it. I secretly wished everyone still read by candlelight at night and it took a week to get a letter in the mail from a loved one..and we just appreciated being in the room with another interactive individual compared to texting or emailing.

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Yes, this is the whole

Yes, this is the whole essay. She wanted it to be pretty short, which is a shame, because I could've rambled about this for quite awhile. I'm not saying we should all relive the Stone Age and not use technology AT ALL. I mean, without technology I couldn't enjoy my music, or visit Oasis, or watch funny cat videos XD

I'm just saying that we need to take a few steps back, and try to break our dependency on technology. I think the internet needs to crash for a few months, so people will actually step outside and relearn how to live without technology. Man, I need to post my editorial. It explains my opinion a bit more.

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Yeah, everything in

Yeah, everything in moderation! It is a fall back cliche that sums up everything. Without technology, we couldn't make cool digital 3D structures of enzymes...but with it, we're losing some pretty awesome cultural foundations, like short hand text messaging's impact on languages in the middle east. It's a pretty broad topic, but it is fun/sometimes scary to think about..

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can't live without my tech

not because i can't because in Scotland you wouldn't survive
nights in to the minuses, the mail NEVER gets delivered by royal mail or parcel force etc Seriously ordered a machine from china 3 days, from London 3 weeks
Scotland's just too harsh

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Oh, technology can be

Oh, technology can be beneficial. Definitely. It can save lives and all that good junk. I just think we're overusing it and abusing it. I know people that are on the internet from the second they get home from school to the minute they go to bed, which is like eight or nine hours. And that is something that really scares me.

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sometimes i used to be on a computer when i got home till i chose to go to bed, if i couldn't hang out with my friends that is, but it helped me escape the hell that was my house

but it depends really i mean could you really live without a light bulb you get lights that are HUNDREDS of times more powerful than a candle thats per room as well it would be too dark especially where i live hell its dark in the middle of the summer all day

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies