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So yeah my kindle fire is doing great with the note-taking app and the required e-book. I'm happy about that and I've met two great guys. I have a guy I can talk games and pokemon with and a guy whom I can talk to about computer stuff. It's been a nice second week into the semester. I feel like a $13 bill (which isn't saying much to the reader). lol

So anyway tomorrow is going to be nice, I might go out in search of a pair of bifocal lenses to study them. I've seen cheap readymade bifocal glasses at a 99¢ store. So I might make an expedition to that place. Or I'll just buy some other less educational things. lol But anyway back to the bifocal glasses. I was thinking of getting an actual prescribed pair.

I have myopia and an astigmatism so maybe I could ask the eye doctor for a bifocal lens prescription. I didn't have a hard time adjusting to my monofocal pair at first, so what would be so bad about bifocal lenses? And if I get those I'm definately getting the lined since it would be nice to keep track in fine printed brochures, books, magazies, my phone, et cetera.

Bifocal (lined) prescription + photochromatic lenses + silver double-bridged slightly rectangular frames = bitchin' pair of specs!

If you've gotten this far I applaud you (I really do!), please shoot me an opinion on the bifocal lenses if you feel necessary (also Elph please shoot me your opinion [yes it matters{parentheception|parenthesis within parenthesis within parenthesis|}]).


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My job is actually entering

My job is actually entering orders for prescriptions, customer service on them, ect. the lenses made by the company I work for don't usually give people issues, but they're expensive (around 300-400$ for clear lenses minus the frame, without even getting into transitions...)

Personally, I wouldn't trust 99cent ones, but depending on the quality of them i'd say go for it, especially if you don't have issues adjusting to them. I'd also advise asking about the return policy for non-adaptations, depending on the brand of lenses you're going for it's different!

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the little readymade pair are just to examine the bifocal lenses and understand exactly how they work. It's sort of similar to when I usually get an old computer for a thrift shop I open the case and examine the inner workings to get idea of date and condition and what exactly does what.

And about the lenses sold... $300-400? That's very expensive, are they some sort of "designer" lenses? I much rather get my glasses where I last got them, frame and lenses altogether were under $150. If I were to get bifocal lenses they may be a little over but worth it.

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You might also consider...

...the "no-line" bifocals. But many people experience considerable difficulty in getting accustomed to them: They are much more critical in head orientation.

Regular bifocals are quite easy to adjust to...

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The progressive lenses are a bit of a stretcher for the neck. Going with the lines for sure!