Best morning conversation ever

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i can't stop laughing seriously.

we all except Jenna were up eating breakfast. Racheal was going to go shopping i said we need more toothpaste & soap. Racheal realises im the one using it all and asks how often i brush my teeth & wash my hands. i say i wash my hands after i go to the toilet, before i eat, after AJ etc. and brush my teeth 3-4 times a day 1 in the morning 1 at night and after AJ

she says i don't have to brush my teeth that much. i respond with well some of us prefer licking. at this point jennas stumbling into the living room, at this point i just say you should brush your teeth after it gets in your mouth especially when she co- jenna interrupts RAINBOW!. i respond this is a life lesson you'll need to know this when you grow up.

also we've recently been called "more than just a group of friends" i know what there talking about also called "guinea pigs, climbing over each other" probably because me, AJ, Rosie, Racheal are dating each other and Hope & Kirsty are friends with benefits but been told thats just to explore Hopes bisexuality

i was quite offend that he said were only friends for sex

on another unrelated note my good friend Kirsty she made a periodic table of our friendship