Big Dipper: Thoughts?

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I have no idea what I just watched. lol

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It's not really my "cup of green tea"... but somebody must of thought it was worth the effort to produce?

Should I delete it?

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Did you really just say 'must of'?

Anyway... That video was kind of weird and gross. Did not like.

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Oh... man!

How embarrassing!

Should I leave it... or "correct" it?

Anyway... thanks.

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Is this guy making fun of gay people, or is he legitimately gay?

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Who knows?

I never heard of him before... and judging from the responses on the HP link (above), I'm embarrassed for having posted it...

It is a bit acrobatic, however... but I'm not particular fond of "bears" (if that's what this is).

Oh... well...

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I know,

the article clearly mentioned him as a "...queer rapper...".

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That was hilarious at the beginning.

Then it just turned into gay rap. I'm getting tired of all the gay stuff.

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Funny :P

You're on a gay journaling website and you're tired of all the gay stuff? :P Logic!!
That's redick!

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King Tubby

is making me care less.

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His work (dub)...

...can qualify as music. Whereas "dubstep"... doesn't even come close!

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Why not?

Dubstep is just British dub with influence from 2-step garage. It's pretty much dub with more exaggerated bass and slightly different drum beats.