Checking some old folders

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when i found a old folder of photos entitled "For AJ on the Trip" before i continue i forgot the trip i remember what it was now, it was a Jacklyn family holiday so none of us could go so i was without AJ for 2 long weeks :(

the meaning of the folder is that we both are well sex addicts and get horny & get shaky hands when we haven't had sex in 24 hours so i started sending her photos of me for her when she was away, well you can guess what the pictures were, but memories

odd fact about me: can't take photos with clothes on but can take photo's no problem without them


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lol that is indeed an odd

lol that is indeed an odd fact. I've always thought sex addiction to be interesting.. In your case, I couldn't imagine the addiction being something you both necessarily need to get over though :P

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somebody said to me in person that i don't have to get over it then he asked how often i have sex and said get over it

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies