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Would you Oasisians like to see a very nice thing? Of course you would. Watch this video. That is my sexy future wife Amber Heard being sexy on a boat and then on an island. And did I mention she is sexy? Sorry if you like what you see, but we are getting married as soon as she finds out I'm her biggest fan ever in the universe, and we are going to move to Sweden and rule over Sweden together with our pet unicorn! Some dude is also there. I didn't really pay attention to him, but I guess some of you guys might like him. The video is a little NSFW at some parts, just so you know. It like randomly shows the dude's ass... Oh, and the song's stuck in my head, so it would be totally awesome if any of you somehow happened to know what song is playing. I would google it, but I can't figure out any lyrics. AND DID I MENTION THAT THIS VIDEO CONTAINS THE SEXIEST GIRL EVER?

Anyway, sorry, I just get excited over new Amber Heard things. Hahaha. So, let me tell you about my new psychology class. It's really awesome because I get to sit by the hot girl. But you guys remember a teacher I had last year that I nicknamed Mr. Troll because he loved trolling us, right? That's who teaches it. I only have a couple of friends in there, but everyone actually seems really nice... except this one fucking guy. Oh. My. God. He is a senior, but he is SOOOO immature. Like, he giggles over words like sex and weiner and stuff like that. He is the biggest dumbfuck ever, I am so sure.

So, Mr. Troll loves for us to ask random psychological questions. One girl wanted to know why there are homophobes. Immature Dude decided to try his hand at answering! Apparently, there are homophobes "because homos are weird and like butts!"

Everyone wondered what the fuck was wrong with him, and Mr. Troll said that a possible reason for homophobia was because some guys are insecure in their masculinity. That makes sense, I guess.

Immature Guy kept being annoying throughout the entire class, no matter what we discussed. I just want to punch him in the face! He even at one point asked this fucking question: "Why don't all homos and lesbos just go get sex changes?" Umm, how about because I'm a total chick and would be VERY unhappy as a guy? I just... Wow, he's so dumb! When he wasn't giggling over "dirty words" he was asking dumb questions. What really gets me is the fact that he's like, 18! He's 18 and he still giggles over things like that! What the hell?


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Oh damn...

How immature. =|
Although, I have to say, that picture made me smile a little bit. =)

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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I know! I can't believe this

I know! I can't believe this guy is a senior and still acts like that! Most people I know grew out of that in like 9th grade.

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Can you beat him up after

Can you beat him up after class?

I think it's interesting the girl asked that question..and that the teacher said that..but I guess it was just a random thing and not something to really discuss. Hmm, but I hope you enjoy the class! When I took psychology in high school, I don't remember the exact "science" but the one where you can know a person's personailty based on the bumps and shape of their head. It was weird because we had to feel each other's heads.....umm anyway, this sounded way better before I actually started typing it, but maybe you could get a chance to feel the hot girl you sit next to's head! ..yeahnevermind

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Oh, I would love to, but he

Oh, I would love to, but he is about a foot taller than me, so I doubt that would go over well. :p

Yeah, we have a few minutes each day where we can just ask random psychological questions and the teacher will answer them. It doesn't really have much to do with anything. And, ummm, I suppose that would be interesting...? Haha!

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A very interesting history, now totally discredited.

But it makes for a good "read." Look it up:

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Huh. That's pretty cool!

Huh. That's pretty cool!

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Masculinity as homophobia

For one of my classes I had to read this article which theorized that homophobia wasn't a fear of gay people, but a fear of being emasculated by other men- masculinity is so tied into what a man is in relation to a woman, and attacks on it (such as schoolyard insults like "sissy") attack sexuality.

That was the gist of it, anyway. It's longer and more complicated but that's all I care to think about right now, heh.

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I can see how it makes

I can see how it makes sense, though. Almost every homophobe I know is male and usually one of those jock types. (All the female homophobes I know have grown out of it.)

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I stopped reading because that video was so socially conservative that it almost hurt to watch it. Disgusting.

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I don't care at all for

I don't care at all for politics, though... Just sexy chicks. That may sound awful, but I'm 17.

Also, you stopped reading but still felt the need to comment? Huh.

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Not politics.

This is socially conservative. Much, much worse.

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Oh, I guess I didn't see the

Oh, I guess I didn't see the "socially" part. Oops. Well, I guess that makes more sense now because I was really wondering how it was politically anything. I still really don't care, though, as long as it has a hot girl :p