Did I ever mention...

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That i strongly dislike when people sit next to me when im typing or doing something that im really into. Especially if i dont know them.

It makes me panic. idk why. haha. I think it ties in with me not liking the feeling of being watched. >.>

The last 3-4 days have been a little sucky for me. My anxiety has been acting up, AND my mom keeps forgetting to call Walgreens for my refill. I dont have a phone, so i cant really text/call her to remind her that i need that to get done :|.

I currently dislike my stepdad (what else is new? lol)
He's pissed cause he thinks im mad at him, and i really wasnt. Until my mom told me he was. I dont have a good enough reason. He yelled at me for taking too long in the shower and my room not being clean. Okay? I'm not that much of a bitch, I know he had a reason to be mad about my room. The whole "too long in the shower" thing irked me a little, but not that much. I was only taking care of my infected ear >.>
He's also a gross motherfucker.
We were picking up something to eat and my mom called him to ask him what he and my brother wanted. She had him on speaker cause she was driving. He asked my brother what he wanted, told my mom, and then my mom asked him what he wanted.
He basically said he wanted to eat out my mom.
My sister, my youngest brother and I were in the car. You cant imagine how fucking awkward that is. Like.....what the hell do you say after that???
My mom yelled at him in spanish, she laughed, he apologized and then laughed too.
My parents are too open about sex with me. Sometimes i wish they werent. I'm already scarred enough from hearing them fuck when i was in 6th grade. Back then he was still just that dude staying at our house. I freaked out over that. I was still trying to accept the fact that my parents (mom and dad) werent together anymore.
My stepdad makes sex jokes about him and my mom and that shit bothers and grosses the hell out of me.
I mean, I REALLY dont need to know that.
Neither one of you is remotely attractive, i dont need to picture you fucking my mom.

He really pisses me off sometimes.

But i cant really do anything about that. :P

Luckily, i wont be living there much longer. *sigh*

Suzanne wants me to go over today, but i really dont want to. I cant take her and tyler making out all the time. >.>;
I hate hearing the slurping noises. I hate getting smacked for teasing Suzanne. :I
I cant stand them being all lovey dovey and shit. I just cant anymore. :|
I wouldnt mind so much if they were just regular kisses. Or if tyler wasnt so damn protective and didnt smack me for every little thing.
He annoys me SO much when all three of us hang out together. erg.
I dont like feeling this way, but i cant help it.
And, when Ellea and i were together both of them got mad when her and i made out in front of them. Like, seriously? You can do it, but I cant?
Fuck double standards.
They do the exact same thing. And i cant get mad.
I've been holding that in for awhile.

I made a new friend. He's my other locker partner, haha.
I went to his house on Saturday.
He has the BIGGEST music collection I've ever seen. Like, omfg.
I was jealous. He has two record players, a pretty big vinyl collection, 81.4 gb of music on itunes, and shelves of CDs. :I
Two acoustic guitars, a uke, a drum pad, and an electric guitar. And that's all i saw too XD
he's pretty cool. He's Pan too. lol.
I like him.

I need a date to Winter Formal. I'm running out of time. It's next week :I
I probably wont find one. And then i wont end up going. How sad. Lol.

I'm tired and kind of sad. Not sure why. I've felt like that for awhile. >.>
I think I'm just lonely.