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My dad wrecked his car today while I was in school. He was driving drunk and flipped his car over in a ditch full of water. He's all right, he was in the hospital for a little while, but his injuries were minor. He was charged with DUI and his license was suspended. His accident will be in tomorrow's newspaper and is already online. It may even be on the local news.

The sad thing is I felt absolutely nothing when my mom told me about his wreck. In fact, I thought he deserved it for acting so stupid. This sounds unbelievably selfish, but I'm really worried about my peers and teachers at school seeing it on the news or in the newspaper and judging me for it, asking me about it. I don't want the negative attention.

Also, I forgot to report that I had an AMAZING sex dream about Brittany. We skipped class and had crazy, incredible, mind-blowing sex all over the girl's bathroom. It was FANTASTIC. I haven't had many wet dreams, but this was one of them. So awesome.

That is all.


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I was always scared that'd happen when he was driving you D:

I'm just glad you weren't with him...
That's redick!

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My mom has that same fear.

My mom has that same fear. He's driven slightly drunk with my sister and I in the car, almost ran us off the road a few times while texting his girlfriend, because she CANNOT wait for his reply until we get to his house safely.

My dad has the logic and common sense of a five-year-old. Luckily his license is suspended, and I won't be going to his house this weekend.

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my dad drove drunk alot, never when we were in the car though wrecked regulary to the point NO ONE cared that was alot,

wet dreams about a crush? how well i remember them

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Yeah, my dad doesn't really

Yeah, my dad doesn't really drink in front of my sister and I. He used to pick us up slightly buzzed, but not completely wasted. Recently he's been better...until this happened. My dad has a lot of problems: bankruptcy, depression, alcoholism...he's lost his relationships with his two daughters, he's stuck with a manic bitch for a girlfriend. It amazes me how pathetic his life has become. I wonder what goes through his head at times...

I've only had about four wet dreams in my entire life, this being my fifth, and definitely the best ;)

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my dad always drunk in front of us

i think its amazing i can drink alcohol after seeing what it did to him but i dont drink as much still get wasted from time to time, my dads basiclly the same except the gf part

i used to have alot of wet dreams i remember my first actually

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Am I being a bit too puritanical?

Driving under the influence is grossly inconsiderate of others sharing the highway... this notwithstanding the fact that it demonstrates a total disregard for one's own welfare plus that of innocent loved ones! :(

But... I do sympathize with your less-than-ideal circumstances.

If at all possible... please encourage your dad to temper his drinking...

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Nope. Not too puritanical at all.

My dad can drink himself into a coma for all I care, just as long as he doesn't get behind the wheel while trying. I'm just glad that the road he was on wasn't a busy one, and no other drivers were involved in the wreck.

Funny thing is, my dad always denies being drunk. He texted me today and told me he'd only drank two beers and wasn't over the legal limit. I didn't reply. He's even dumber than he thought if he thinks I'll believe that. You can't talk to someone about a problem that they won't acknowledge.