Everything is a big wad of suck. (Irrational thoughts)

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Today was a horrible day.

I'm caught in this little depression and I can't really fight my way out of it. So my mood was already in a bad spot today to begin with, and then shit happens. I have like four school projects to do, and I can't really focus on anything school-related right now. I was REALLY looking forward to my appointment with my counselor so I could unload everything and get some help, but she fucking canceled because she's sick. I'm not mad at her, just mad at the situation. I've waited a long time for our meeting today. That was the big thing. Just ruined everything. I NEED to talk to her.

And to top it all off, I was in a horrible mood around Brittany. And it showed, no matter how hard I tried to suppress it. She actually said to me, "Wow Jenna, I've never seen you so hostile before." GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. So I apologized to her over and over again for being a moody asswipe, and I really hope she doesn't see me as one. But I still made her laugh, still talked to her as much as I could (which wasn't enough). That girl. I think I'm in love with her. I really do.

I dunno. It doesn't feel good to be unappreciated. I'm surrounded by all these people, and I have no one to talk to. I'm alone. Nobody cares. I'm facing everything on my own and it hurts. I'm alone and I'm scared.


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I hear you, and I'm right there with you.

Life's gotta suck ass sometimes, because if it didn't, you'd never see the bright side of things.
And, really, people care. Not many, but you can't say that no one cares. It doesn't mean much, but I care. You are a great human being, and more people than you can imagine would be upset if you were gone.
Don't let life push you down. It'll hurt, but you got to keep going for your golden wish, and when you'll get there you'll be a stronger person.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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I'm not usually like this. This'll pass. But thank you, it does mean a lot :)

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You better text me tomorrow and tell me errtang :P <3 'cause I definitely appreciate you and want to talk!!
That's redick!

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Will do.

But wait...is today tomorrow? Or was yesterday tomorrow? My time thingy on this web site is all fucked up so I have no idea when you left this comment XD

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It's a time zone problem...

...and it seems that none of our Washingtonians goes to bed "on time" or gets enough sleep :)

And... classes at 7:30AM! :(

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I catch the bus at 6:40 :P

So I usually wake up around 5:30 :P It sucks!...
That's redick!