Good Shit and Bad Shit

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So, I unfortunately had to go back to school today. I hate that place so much you just wouldn't believe. I just... Ugh, I can't even think about it.

Anyway, some good shit has happened. I made a 27 on the ACT. 32 in English, 33 in reading, and, uhhhh... 21 in math and science. Yeahhhh. I think it is clear how my brain is wired. 27 is awesome, though, since it was my first time ever to take it. And my mom is ACTUALLY proud of me. Wow.

But there is better shit to be discussed. Like the fact that I am probably moving this summer. Yes, I am finally going away from the wasteland that is Mississippi. I haven't told my friends yet, though. I don't know how to. I am moving to a nice big city, which is the ideal environment for me anyway. But... I am so scared. This is all I've wanted for years, and it is finally happening. I am worried about going to a new school. I have never been very good at making friends, but I checked the website for the school I will go to if I move there, and they have an art club so I guess I could join that. I am SO over high school, though. Gross. I know it is only one more year, but still, ewww, I hate high school.

This year, 2012, is going to be huge for me, though. I am moving away from all that is familiar and into the unknown. That is very scary for me, even as much as I hate the familiar things. I can honestly say that I will only miss two things here: my friends and the donut shop. That is a very nice donut shop, and they don't have one where I am going.

And I'm turning 18 this year. Oh my god. I mean, it won't happen until November, but wow. Sweet, sweet legal adulthood at long last. (It seems like just yesterday that the idea of turning 13 was way beyond awesome!) And there are tons of dirty shops for me to check out in the area I am moving to! Hahaha. I counted like five on my visit last week, and I didn't even see half the city. Shame I won't be able to drink, though. America and its ridiculously high drinking age...

But there cannot be good shit without bad shit. I went back to school today, as I mentioned. I am taking psychology this semester, which I am excited about, but the school won't let the teacher who is teaching it do what he wants to. That is mega LAME since his ideas were cool.

And fucking study hall. Oh, my god, just fuck the entire concept. But now I have one FILLED WITH LOUD FRESHMEN. I am the only person in there who isn't 14 years old. Oh my god, no. I am going to see if I can be an office or library monitor instead. A friend sat in there with me today since the teacher is an oblivious coach, but he won't be in there every day so I am just going to try and get out of that bullshit. I hate the concept of the thing. Honestly, I may be totally lazy, but I don't need someone breathing down my neck to make sure I do my homework. I am an AP student, and I just made a 27 on my ACT. Clearly I can handle my own shit.


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i remember

Moving when i was 15 then again at 16 although it was in the same area moved from the fair city of Edinburgh to more of a village like area which technicly is part of Edinburgh through Council actions

i like it better in the village-area im closer to my friends and further from my family but sorry about telling people your moving

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I just have no idea when to

I just have no idea when to tell them. I mean, should I wait until it is absolutely final? Or should I go ahead and tell them there is like a 95% chance? And I don't know how to do it without it being all totally out of the blue and random...

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well randomness has always worked for me

hell if it wasn't from randomness i won't be with AJ

but thats just me just go with what feels more natural

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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That is great score, way to

That is great score, way to go! So, you're moving schools before your senior year? That is awesome! High school is ridiculous, but I hope this move and your one more year of it goes great . . . dirty shops? Sex shops are so awkward! Mainly because of the cashiers in them. Two of shops I've been in were being "supervised" by old ladies, and that's always weird. One by an older guy who really wanted to promote tingling nipple cream to my friend and I, and we wanted to leave asap. And one by a really droolingly sexy woman . . . high heels, long black hair, red lipstick, hey, maybe you'll find one of those in your new city! ;) best of luck

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Yeah, I am. I was (clearly)

Yeah, I am. I was (clearly) never really attached to my school anyway, so I won't really be sad to spend my senior year somewhere else. It's an adventure!

Hahaha, I am sure sex shops are the most awkward places ever. But I AM totally going to go into one on my 18th birthday just because I can :P And yes, I hope there are tons of sexy women in my new environment! When I visited last week, I saw quite a few very attractive ladies. Very nice. I went in this one place and almost every girl there was totally hot.