Hallo again

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So there's not much going on right now (story of my life lol). That's my reason for the lack of posting. Anyway, everything's going well and I finally got my $4 screen protector for my kindle fire. So my kindle is just the way I want it. After the rooting, customizing and such. I've picked up guitar again after being preoccupied with other things.

For a few days I hadn't played my guitar which is really odd since I never do that. But it's all good now and I haven't gotten worse or better. And I finally got around to taking in my leather jacket to a mender. So I'm happy about that, along with my new black leather Converse boots. I think next I'll get a pair of black leather chaps, maybe even leather pants.

Well if you've gotten this far, props to you! Here is a treat, a very old nugget that you may find very interesting.


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That site is pretty neat. I

That site is pretty neat. I checked out the personals..a lot of those people are probably in their late thirties or early forties now. Should reply to one, "Hi, I'm replying to your ad ...from 1997" lol though most probably have different emails by now..

And that's a lot of leather going on..is it safe to assume you do or aspire to drive a motorcycle?

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I had also thought about sending an email to one of the addresses just to see what might happen. Elight was kind of like the Oasis Journals of it's time (if I'm correct).

And about the leather, it's kind of a new style I'm trying out. Plus it makes me look kind of masculine and rugged. lol There's definately something about leather clothing!

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Mixed reaction on leather...

I tend to see something in the leather cult that is disconcerting:

It seems to say, "Look, how masculine I am."

This strikes me as wanting a viewer to infer, "See how masculine he is? How could he possibly be gay... he's certifiably 100% male!?

Deniability? Is that a possibility?

There's a "mixed" message in leather that I'm having difficulty in appreciating.

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How should I put it?...

Well it makes me look masculine, but at the same time people might also wonder about my sexuality. It's sort of like a social experiment. Plus I look cool in leather clothing. lol Not that I get-off on it or anything like that.

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can't your maleness be inferred without the leather embellishments? (I deliberately avoided saying "masculinity".)

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I love leather clothing! But I'm in no way denying my being gay. :-)

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allergic to leather :(

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies