i have a message

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from my old blog:
i have a message

Alright guys i need to talk to you about something

there are some people saying im very pro-LGBT, and some saying im so stereotypical im shaming the LGBT community, and some saying im neither.

this is becoming a hot topic im glad i sparked so much interest in something i didn't mean to! sadly, ive heard many hurtful things being said

here in Scotland we do have girls that are kind-hearted, shy, innocent & Gentle but its important to know there are other types of girls as well.

there are those who like to party with lots of other people and those who like some quiet so that they can read.

the glamorous divas who take great pride in there looks and the tomboys who don't mind getting dirty if that's what it takes to get the job done.

there are the little girls eager to learn everyday and the motherly figures full of care and wisdom.

everyone respects each other for there unique personality

there are many labels you can put on everyone. its easy to do, and can be lots of fun! but remember its not fair to judge people based on these labels, especially if they don't agree with them at all -- that can really hurt

ive said before that its unfair to judge anyone's sexuality based on there personality or style. that is completely true. some one may appear a certain way to you, but that has no effect on how they actually feel

regardless of what my sexuality is, the fact is that ive become a positive model for many teens that are gay, lesbian or other sexual minorities. many straight supports of gender equality also support me.

i am glad that i have opened the hearts of many children & teens to the idea that there friends may be different, and shouldn't be ashamed by it. it makes me feel like a hero!

but sadly, in some places kids are looked down apon for being themselves. sometimes it can make them scared and ashamed of the truth

coming out, even to yourself, is a hard enough time on its own. it can be a very painful experience when people tease you or others around you who may feel the same way.

remember that how strongly you feel, what they really like won't change. how they feel about themselves, on the other hand, might greatly be affected by how their friend, you, treat them.

would you hate your friends if they turned out different than you thought? you don't need to be smart to realize that is hardly a friendship.

you all know my sexual preference but,

you may never know someones true preference, since its up to him or her to discover on their own. its also up to him or her if they want anyone to know what he or she has found out about themselves

but what you should know for sure is this:

i am a supporter of everyone, and all the different forms of love between them. i will care for my friends no matter how strange anyone thinks they are.

whats important is that you treat your friends with care. thats what friendships about

please love and tolerate that's all i ask of you.


just keeping my mind off AJ till shes back