I know I just posted a journal. But this is important.

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You are amazing! I am thrilled, and so proud of you. I know you will do amazing things in your lifetime. I plan to follow your accomplishments and successes with great eagerness and support you anyway I can. You feel like one of my very own.

Jenna, I am honored you can confide in me about your personal life, I treasure you.

I will be here to sing your praises, be an ear for you to vent to or bounce ideas off of no matter what. You are you. Jenna. Make no apologies. Make no excuses. You are perfect, wonderful, smart, brilliant; exactly as you stand.. ..being gay does not make the person. I know people you will meet will place the labels and the stumbling blocks just because of that. Always remember those are people who live in ignorance and fear. Try to always rejoice in the fabric of YOU...and as long as you can accept and love the individuality you add to the world, no one can bring you down.

I will write more later, have an appointment. I will then give you the low down on me...
Lots of love and respect,

That was the email I got from my sixth grade teacher today. I needed this. I needed to hear this SO badly. Just knowing that someone, an adult, who I admire and respect so much thinks so highly of me and is fully accepting of my sexuality...I needed this. When I first read this I cried because nobody's given me such kind words before.

I feel amazing. I feel so much better.


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aw :) that was sweet. your

aw :) that was sweet. your teacher sounds amazing
-Helen was here :P love u :)
love is my only drug <3

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I know. She's like my hero.

I know. She's like my hero. I don't think she'll ever know how much that email meant to me.

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Woah, that must've been so

Woah, that must've been so emotional (in a good way) to receive this email!! She seems like a wonderful lady and very understanding and accepting...which is TOTALLY awesome.

And I know what you mean, how big it is when you realize you have an adult that cares about you, even after they know your sexuality. Sometimes that is one of the greatest feelings, I think.

Wow. I cannot get over that email. Its so amazing. Like the response I wish I got from people when I came out. I guess I got a few similar ones, but not really all THAT accepting.

Anyway, its great to hear you have someone in your life who is so supportive. Even if its just one person, remember how much one person can do. And realize the beauty of your relationship with the teacher and the wonderfulness that you know her. It seems as though she appreciates you almost as much as you appreciate her.

I'm wondering two things...
(1) when she said she'd talk about herself later, I'm wondering...is she also gay?
(2) had you been in touch with her for a while and then just recently came out over email? That's amazing. I stay in touch with some of my old teachers, too. And they can be some of the greatest allies sometimes.

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I really don't think she's

I really don't think she's gay, because she was married to a man for awhile. I think she's a lot like my best friend: she's mostly into men, but she probably isn't ashamed of acknowledging that another woman is really freakin' sexy. I don't think she'd date another woman, though.

We emailed each other about half a year ago, but suddenly stopped for reasons unknown to me. I guess she suddenly became very busy. But we recently started emailing again, so yeah, we've been in contact before. I visit her at my old school whenever I can, but that's not very often.

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She seems so great, like a

She seems so great, like a great person to keep in contact with. You can never have too many people supporting you. Its nice knowing someone supports you.

(I sort of have a similar, though not really, thing that I was going to journal about later).