I think...

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I might be taking life too seriously.
But I don't know how to stop.


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Laugh by watching Saturday

Laugh by watching Saturday Night Liiiive!

Um, live in the moment some. Try to do one spontaneous thing every day :)


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I'm not a very spontaneous

I'm not a very spontaneous person. I'm too hesitant and I think too much. But I will try my hardest. I've had a couple ideas of some spontaneous things I'd like to do. Maybe it's time I put those ideas to action.

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being spontaneous

is a good idea, if i wasn't spontaneous i wouldn't be as awesome to hang around with, if it wasn't for spontaneousness i wouldn't have kissed AJ randomly which lead to us going out

its also the easiest way of coming out too :P

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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That's my new goal. To be

That's my new goal. To be more spontaneous. I'll try my hardest. I think I can do it, if I really want to. Spontaneous things I want to do:

1) Tell Brittany how beautiful she looks. And text her. I STILL haven't done that.

2) Come out to my mom. Just say "I'm gay" and be done with it. No big speech, just a simple statement

Ummm...there's more that I want to do but I can't think of them right now.

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great that helps you

heres a tip to get started do something random but not important like buying something you don't know you'll like or not or something on those lines

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies