I was sexually assaulted today.

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Chad will like this:

Everybody hates me for no reason. They're annoyed by my presence even when they have never met me before and know nothing about me. People who do know me hate me, too. They're either honest about it or pretend to be my friend and lie, saying that they like me. In other words, I'm Yamamoto now.


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How are you me?... and

How are you me?... and what the fuck is up with the title... I was really worried about you for a second there man? :(

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Because that's exactly what you always write.

And I was actually sexually assaulted. Some guy tried to make me feel his penis for no obvious reason. It's creepy. I moved to another table where people hate me so much that all they could talk about was how much they wanted me to move. There wasn't anywhere to move.

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Lucky.... *wishes some guy

Lucky.... *wishes some guy would try to make me feel his penis... :D* But you didn't say anything about it in your journal so I was just wondering... :P But hey at least you have a admirer :P

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Where did all this hate come from? Not from me...

btw... This clip is over 2 years old... and it is not related to any current news/event. Also... the voice synchronization is so far off that it takes considerable effort to catch the humor and/or sarcasm! :(

How did you stumble on this clip for Spanish audiences?

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I don't know.

People just hate me. Probably because I'm the most annoying person ever and I can't do anything about it; it's just who I am.
It wasn't meant to be related to current events. It was meant to be related to Chad.
I was looking at clips from Bill Maher.

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Interesting bit of introspection...

And... you "can't do anything about it!" Huh?

You have free will... not someone's pet robot!

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bump <3

That's redick!

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I agree with elph. You can

I agree with elph. You can always change, it just takes extreme dedication and perserverence.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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Have you told anyone about

Have you told anyone about the sexual assault? You don't have to put up with stuff like that.

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Tons of people were watching (and enjoying) it. I went to another table and mentioned it, but nobody cared because they all hate me.

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*Is so Jealous of

*Is so Jealous of socialist... :) *

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That boy who wanted a "feel"...

What was your feelings toward him prior to this quite public invitation?

I must admit, his "move" was crude and unthinking. But is there any possibility that you might have been tempted to respond differently had you not been in a public setting?

Is it possible that your quick response was an instinctive "survival tactic" saying (for all to observe/hear), "Hell no, I'm not one of them!"?

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Before the "invitation,"

he was very creepy. He said the previous day that his penis would fit perfectly in my mouth...
I definitely would have responded the same in a private area. I wouldn't even think about having sex with him. It's weird. I don't even know if he's gay. He probably just wanted to make me feel uncomfortable.
No; that isn't how I responded. I said that I didn't want anything to do with his penis and when he grabbed my arm and started to pull it towards him, I just physically resisted and said that I was sure I didn't want to touch it.

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...that pretty well settles it.

Gay or straight... creeps are creepy!

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Adults are at the school fo

Adults are at the school fo a reason! That is, if you were at school when this happened. As far as I'm certain most people here are concerned, the people who hate are the annoying ones, not you