I'm such a nerdo

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So yeah I've been going on geekshed's IRC. lol. If anyone's wondering my lymphnode is being mean to my muscle again but it's ok when I'm not walking around too much or straining. Just an update. :-)

Oh and I can't wait for the Spring semester to begin! I bet a few other people can sympathize with that. lol


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I hope your lymphnode starts

I hope your lymphnode starts behaving itself more..YAY spring semester is almost here! I most definitely am with you on that, sheesh

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I'll probably setup another doctor's appointment. I hope this gets fixed up like last time. It seems to come back every-so-often. I'll live though. :-)

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Fingers crossed the doctors

Fingers crossed the doctors can figure out a solution! Maybe you just have super human lymphnodes, ..yeah hopefully they come up with a life-long solution because that's going to add up to be quite a few appointments throughout time. Good luck!