Just curious...

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Shelby and Chad, ferrets, and any other evergreener's on here, how much snow did you guys get? I got about 6". and have been having fun on the neighbor's quads and on my mtn bikes riding around. supposed to melt tomorrow, but it's been one heck of a good week so far.

that, and crystal mtn had about a foot of new on sunday on south back country....hiked it a few times, and had some of the best pow I Have ridden in several years!


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I have like 6-12 inches right now. Crazy, eh?

I actually heard it's supposed to keep snowing tomorrow and early Friday and rain later Friday. 'Cause I have no school tomorrow... :P
That's redick!

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I also have no school tomorrow...

But I feel like it will still rain a ton. I rode my bike around town tonight, and it was freezing rain by the end, not snow...but you are closer to the north end of the state, so that would explain why you are getting hit harder.

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