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Sometimes I forget that, being gay, I'm part of a minority. I forget some things are wrong. I forget that I should be comfortable with being open; there shouldn't be a "coming out" process. I shouldn't have to fear, people shouldn't hate me, and there shouldn't be murders over stupid little things like sexuality. It's weird, but to me this stuff just seems normal. I'm sorry, but there's so much activism today that I felt like I had to.

1) Acting disinterested will only get you so far. You are going to have to make a move sometime.

2) I've always laughed at stupid people, and now I know some pretty well. It's awkward.

3) I feel like a lot of cruising charges are complete bullshit, because of the way the men are caught; a guy walks up to gay guys and uses sexual innuendo. I mean, if a hot lady cop flirted with straight guys, I'm positive she could get some of them to agree to public sex. I'm not saying cruising is okay, but the way it's dealt with is ridiculous. I don't really know what I'm talking about though; I should look more into the issue, as I have no first hand experience with cruising.

4) The thing about hot older guys is that most of them used to be hot younger guys. It's not like they are going to fall all over you just because you're under thirty.

5) Speaking of older guys, where's jeff?


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You're gay! But you should be free to write your own story!

Too many think that there's a script that must be adhered to.

So wrong... so sad! Be yourself... not what you think others expect of you!