let me ask you a question...

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that i was recently asked Where did you meet & how did you all become friends?

well, School

I met Kookie on the first day of School ever, we were rejected originally as with young age Girls don't like Boys & Boys don't like Girls, so we were Rejected because we have always been very macho Girls, Boys didn't like us since we were girls & the girls didn't like us because we were "acting like boys" so we just became friends. i always thought she was lesbian cause she kissed me regularly & played very rough with me turns out she was straight and just very secure about her sexuality.

AJ was my second ever friend if i recall, she apparently got in a fight with another one of the girls and was being ignored by everyone except me & Kookie and we started hanging out, became friends and eventually Girlfriends, lifes weird isn't it. i don't want to go in detail or it will be a million words long and basically be depressing turned into a lovey dovey piece of bad writing

then came Rosie if i remember correctly it was Kookies 8th or something birthday and Rosie got over excited and made a party that's her life in the past 10 years in a nutshell a big party it can be hell and brilliant at times it has its ups & downs

Hope Came along she was a hard person to get (bipolar) you know but before anyone knew what being bipolar is she isn't that bad anymore. its more a couple times a year shes really bipolar but back then it was about 6 days a week mostly energetic to very slow paced person meh it suited me sometimes i don't really care if she had some odd mental illness shes still a person with feelings not some monster like some people make bipolar people out to be i hate people who mock people for stuff like this

im not sure about how Racheal got in, she used to spend all the breaks brushing her hair and she somehow felt at home with me, The Farm Girl, AJ, the Party girl & the "odd" girl i still can't explain it.

Ashley was a challenge i brought her in the group well when i was like 11/12 i had 2 crushes simultaneously AJ & Ashley, i brought Ashley in because of the crush although it did make her happier because she had friends now, she used to sit alone because of her extreme shyness and couldn't speak to me for a while or answer a question a teacher asked her, shes still like this but im glad to have her as a friend shes a great friend and can't imagine our group with out her.

and lastly Kirsty, Kirsty moved to our school when we were 15 she was an Open Lesbian and was the 4th person i came out too. she was extremely helpful since you know closet gay alot of things to vent the 3 other people arn't really good for it i mean my brother who was never around, my sister who was 9 at the time and Ashley good for secrets never for venting. i was close with Kirsty i felt she was hiding something that i did find out about...AJ also vented to her as in closet gay as well.

thats basiclly how i met my friends, how about you?


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I met Jamer at a poker run in a nearby county.

Ryan and i met at a local gym, we joined the weight lifting club together and talked a lot when we rode in the same truck bed to get there from our town.

I met Benny when i was at his sister's baby shower...kinda wished i hadn't met him sometimes but then i think of just how insanely boring things would be without good ol' Benny to fuck things up every now and then and i'm glad he's around.

Nicky's my slut...yeah...she's a slut. But i think we all need a slut friend. Makes us feel good about ourselves. I met her at a talent competition in Columbus, Ohio. She sang. Terribly.

And finally, there's James. If you've followed my journals you'd know who he is. I know he's technically a BOYfriend, but he's a friend too in my book.

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id say a boyfriend or a girlfriend would be considered a friend. i counted AJ as one

and yeah every one has a slutty friend is you don't have one its you XD i don't have one anymore Mercedes used to be the slut but if you follow my journals youll know that shes a bitch :L

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies