Midnight Moonlight Mental Note

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God, I love stars…they’re so beautiful. And they’re always shining you know, always, even when you can’t see them you can count on them shining. I think we all need thing like that you know? Things we can be absolutely certain of, so we can plant our roots on it and have a steady foundation for the rest of our beliefs in life. Whether it be in something simple as gravity on earth, or a belief in a religion, or in something like the love of another person. I think that having something that’s a constant, something you can always refer back to in times of stress or uncertainty, that’s what makes it easier to keep going.

In times of turmoil, you can turn back to your steadfast foundation. A shining lighthouse leading you back to the point of comfort…back home.

Like I said…mine are stars. Mainly because they’ve always been there. When I look out my window in my room in Ohio, I see plenty of stars. They’re always there. They’re there when I close my eyes to sleep, and watching me in the light’s shadow during the day. When I go far away, I know I’ll see them again because there’s an unquestioned belief and faith that when I come back they will be right where I left them. And when I come back…they’re doing something I can’t help but to admire.

They’re shining.

That has to be the star equivalent of smiling, If you ask me. It’s such a beautiful thought, to have a friend smiling at you all night when you sleep. They’re just there, so warm, so watchful, so happy. I know they’re happy…or else why would they be smiling? And there’s another thing…they’ve watched me go through all I have…and yet they smile.

Who am I compared to something as timeless as a star to say my life is any less than any other man’s? We as humans last maybe a hundred years on earth. That’s our life span as it stands. IF we’re lucky, we last one hundred years. A star can last billions of years…math is irrelevant when you throw billions against hundreds. Stars when there, hands down. So…that star looking down at here…that SHINING star…has seen people go through life for millions of years before I ever became a concept in my mother’s mind. It’s seen people go through the problems I live through countless times…that star KNOWS how it ends…and yet it shines.

And yet…it smiles.

That’s a beautiful thought. That star has seen my life before. Its seen every single challenge I could possible encounter in life acted out on the earth more times than my heart could beat in my lifetime and yet…it smiles. It knows. It’s my friend…it knows where I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going to end up…and it’s smiling.

So I gotta wonder. I’m sitting here worrying about what will happen in the future. I have cried…cried TEARS…about what I’m afraid might happen in an uncertain future. All the while, my friend who KNOWS is smiling. I have no reason to be sad. They know where I’m going.

If my foundation is solid. If my friends can smile. If the stars can shine…

…why can’t i?.


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I don't think I have a steadfast foundation.

I change a lot. I love change. I don't have a 'home' to make me feel comfortable.

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Some People Are Like That

Not too surprising i guess, i never said everyone HAS to have the foundation thing. I just said it works for me, and if some people tried it, they might feel a little better.

I know it does for me.
An optimist sees the glass half full, and a pessimist sees the glass half empty. But a realist however, realizes that sooner or later he's going to eventually have to clean the glass.