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God is a fucking badass.

Anyway, I have to tell myself, tomorrow in English we have computer lab time, that means we get to decide where we sit, I need to like sit next to or at least near CAG, and give him a hug, rather than our usual across the room positions :P
I can't fucking pussy out on this :P
Hehe pussy out, hehe it's ironic, you know, cause yeah, I'm gay, this is a guy, not pussy, hehehe...
Okay, it wasn't that fucking good!
Don't judge me.

OH FUCK I just saw the best thing ever HAHA FUCK. It was a porn video where it was a buncha shirtless guys and then some Mormon missionaries show up to "spread the gospel" and then they're like all totally fake about it and then 2 of the guys are like "We're leaving this pit of sin!" and the other one takes off his shirt and he's like "Like hell we are" and then they have a huge orgy.
FUCK that's hilarious. I dunno why I find that so hilarious :P

Eh, anyway. Life is, I dunno. I feel like I'm really not actually doing anything. Like school is useless, absofucking-lutely useless, I just go there and do basically nothing, then go to swimming, where I spend a few hours looking at a black line at the bottom of a pool, and it changes directions a few times, and sometimes I'm looking at the ceiling.
And then I go home, and do practically nothing.
I feel like I wanna go into the mountains, by myself, on an overnight, just like by myself. Maybe I can do that this summer.

I swear, if I could find a mountain peak with no one else around, I could probably sit there for hours with nothing but like some tea and vodka, Beethoven:

And maybe a joint too, I dunno, I've never had one of those, I dunno if I'd enjoy it or not.

And just sit there, and enjoy the view.

We live by the ocean, so a lot of people, TONS of people have houses by the ocean with a great view, but they never appreciate it man! We have fanfuckingtastic view around here, but everyone's inside all the time...
I really wish I could climb something like Monte Cristo Peak by myself or just with friends that I really, really like.

I swear I'm going to climb Monte Cristo Peak sometime, by myself or not, on an overnight or something.
We were in Glacier Basin, under the peak one time, and there was this old guy, in his 70's, camping out there, and he seemed so free, he said he didn't know what he was going to do the next day, but he was probably going to go "poke around on that ridge".
Now I'd fucking love that, not even fucking knowing what I'm going to be doing the next day, able to just enjoy the beautiful mountains we have around here, and go explore them.

Ah, I get nostalgic.
I'm probably idealizing again.
But anyway, I have a feeling that I'll at least try it one day...
G'night guys...


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Good Lord, Episode 1

Not terrible... inane would be a better descriptor. Maybe a different opinion if the speech had been a bit more consistent?

The continuing CAG saga: Did you find a lab seat near him today?

Even minus that coveted hug (so far)... I'd guess that he has been providing you with many delightful mental scenarios. Hopefully... their real-life fruition is not far away. :) Please!

It seems that he has so many attractive (desirable) qualities... wouldn't he make a great friend even if you find that he might not be gay?


You dream of wilderness trekking... alone! Maybe such an adventure this summer would excite CAG as well? A suggested alternative dream would be to make your way (with friend) along the western fjord coast of Norway from Bergen to Narvik, Tromso, or maybe Nordkapp. There are many youth hostels along the way. Downside, however... it's not exactly cheap. But the many scenic views are so awe-inspiring!

Less expensive and nearby: Western and northwestern Canada offer many possibilities to commune with nature... and yourself!

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I always mix up Beetoven and

I always mix up Beetoven and Meatloaf. I sat there for a good few minutes wondering what turn Meatloaf's career took at some strange time.

-embarrassed now- xD

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”