Not AS Confusing As I Originally Though

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For those who caught sight of my forum post, I had another date with James last Saturday. It was, in a word, wonderful.

I swear, this guy gets more and more adorably affectionate and amazingly witty every time we meet. All we did was sit and watch some movies with some snacks (including my homemade chocolate ice cream, he LOVED it) and a blanket to share, but it was more fun than I’ve had in as far back as I could remember.

The first movie we actually watched, because he picked a damn good movie. The second one was gay themed. We watched it on a laptop we set up in front of the couch off of I had never really watched a gay themed movie so he insisted. I had hesitations at first, but it wound up being pretty good. Something called Eating Out. It was pretty funny…but it was the make out scenes that made the night worth it wild.

The last movie was supposed to be scary but it was too old and cheap to send more than a shiver up our spine. After a couple wise cracks about how unrealistic the main monster was, we didn’t watch much more…we DID stay on the couch there. We DID stay under the blanket…and we DID enjoy the alone time…but the movie might have well been Beauty and the Beast as far as I’m concerned. After all, Dracula can fuck off when you throw flavored lip-gloss into the mix.

There was a moment at the end of the night where I think I broke my own heart…in a damn good way. Here’s how it went down. We were making out, and we broke for air and he did this cute thing where my eyes open a couple drawn out seconds before he opens his really slow and cute-like.

James: “Jack…do you think we’re ready for sex?”

Me: “…please, don’t call it that.”


”Sex…it sounds too dirty. I don’t have sex. I always liked ‘make love’ more. And besides…it has different meanings if you ask me. Sex is just doing it for fun…if I had sex with you, it would mean a lot less than the both of us making love together.”

(At this point he breaks into a blush so hot and wide his entire face is bright wide. I swear to god, he looked like he was just gonna cry.)

“Jack…oh my god do you listen to yourself? That’s so sweet!”

“Haha I guess I can be. Anyway, I think we should wait.”

*nods* “Yeah…I guess it’s worth waiting for. After all…I’ve waited all my life so far.”

“You’re a virgin?”
“Oh no I’ve had sex…but I’ve NEVER ‘made love’ before.”

Ya see? Do ya see that adorable wit I was talking about!?

Anyway, I left the next morning after spending the whole night just cradling the guy next to my chest and waking up to an AMAZING breakfast his mom made us.

These dates just keep getting better, I can’t wait for whatever plans I pull out of my ass for the next one. Any ideas? (Besides the truck bed one…that’s up my sleeve for an anniversary or something.)


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told ya

told ya a simple night in with a blanket & movies can be more romantic than a big dinner :)

glad you liked your date so much, my friend always says "make love" not sex i find it funny

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That's good.

So his mother is okay with him being gay.

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She seemed cool with it all. She offered to let me use the shower...not too sure why she thought i'd need to, that's her thoughts not mine. But yeah, she treated me like i was a boyfriend, not a friend, and not a freak. Good thing if you ask me.

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I am super happy for you. Also a little jealous.