Pardon me while I give my ego a much-needed stroke.

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Whining time. I've been a bit depressed lately. I feel like nobody appreciates what I do for them or who I am. I feel like I am alone. I feel like I'm not getting what I deserve. I feel like there's something missing, that I'm not living my life to its fullest extent. I feel like I'm just kinda drifting through life, and all the days of the week just coalesce into one big, uneventful lump. So, I've decided to make a list about all of my positive attributes and personality traits. Here it is:

-I'm a complete dork. Other people pride themselves on being all cool beans and social whores. Not me. I'm dorky, which makes me adorable and likeable in a completely different way.

-I'm extremely mature for my age group. Adults have told me that they don't perceive me as a young teenager. I'm not reckless or careless or emotionally unstable. I don't jump from relationship to relationship and I don't party my life away.

-I'm incredibly intelligent. I'm smart and dedicated to a brilliant education. I'm heading toward a bright future, heading toward an excellent college and my intelligence is something I should treasure.

-I have an amazing gift as a writer. I was born to write. I was born to weave stories out of the beautiful fabric of my mind. This is my talent, a talent that is rare and lovely and wonderful. I will make a career out of it.

-I'm sweet. I care about those around me. I look after my friends even though they never return the favor. I lend a hand to those that need it, and I listen to people.

So, not to brag, but any girl would be lucky to be with me, I believe. And even if things don't work out the way I planned with Brittany, I can at least take comfort in knowing that I am worthy of her. I deserve a relationship with her. She'd be happy with me. Any girl would be happy with me.

Why? Because I'm a good person. No. I'm an AWESOME person. So there's my little pick-me-up.


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=) I loved reading this. I'm

=) I loved reading this. I'm always telling people a quote that I thought of one day: "No one will ever love you if you don't love yourself first."
Basically, it means that you need to love who you are first before you can give yourself over to whoever you're in a relationship with. Why would you give the person you care about something to dislike?
I'm really happy for you~.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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Well, even though I try

Well, even though I try really hard to keep these things in mind, I still manage to become quite depressed, at least lately. I just figured writing my awesome qualities down and posting them would help me out a bit. And it does, sort of.

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There's this thing I was in

There's this thing I was in called the gifted program. They identify you as gifted around grade 4/5 and then you get put into a class with other gifted kids. So for most of elementary school and some of high school I was in these classes. The thing about being isolated like that, though, was that you came to assume that everybody else was just as smart, because you were always around smart kids. I remember how we'd always be so amazed at how... dumb (for lack of a better/more polite word) the mainstream kids were.

Point is, I feel like I understand what it would be like if you just had that level of intelligence and everybody else was just average. It's frustrating.

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I was in a similar program

I was in a similar program called TAG (talented and gifted), and I was around the same kids until junior high, and then I started taking advanced courses because I'd spent my elementary and middle school years in TAG. And yeah, it is really frustrating being around all these morons.

And it's not just the lack of book smarts that bothers me. It's the maturity level too. I always used to be afraid of acknowledging that I'm smarter than most kids in my school, because I thought that would make me a self-righteous overconfident snob. But now I don't believe that.

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I was in something like that, too.