short straw....

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i went drinking with all my close friends and we use a short straw system to see how stays sober i drew it :( and now that were all home i can safely say that was hilarious ive never been the sober one before the way everybody is different when there drunk.

AJ is the horny drunk although she is horny all the time so its just her really staggering which is hilarious.
Racheal just can't hold her drink and blacked out.
Rosie's the excited, jumpy drunk its oddly funny.
Kirsty just gets depressed which i always thought was odd since she seems to been the happiest and have the easiest life maybe shes hiding something.
Hope just gets sleepy and curled up beside Kirsty.
Kookie starts fights she avoids picking fights with us.

an best of all little shy, innocent Ashley turns into a bitch she said to hope whos trying to sleep "whats soaking wet and clueless *pours a bottle of beer over her head* your face"its hilarious. she even mentioned something i never knew that (sex-wise) she loves whips & stuff like that i thought that was hilarious the shy person who nobody ever expects loves it, its always the quiet ones.

after dropping everyone off but best is dropping Kookie off at the farm and watching her stumbling her way back to her house from there & nearly started a fight with one of her brothers.

quite glad i was sober. now if you excuse me i have to please a drunk AJ.


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Sounds like a pretty sweet night. =)

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it was :)

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies