Sinice People Never Take Me Seriously...

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(I am not joking with what I am going to talk about in this thread so don't even dare fucking act like I am joking or I will never speak to you again)

I have basically given up with my attempts to even try to find another human who will give me a second look as a person for just coversation, friendship, and especially dating. So I have just deicded that I want to start dating one of my pets... and when I figure out which one I want to figure out where to take them and such... So which one should I take out on a date... my Rhode Island Red roostor Mr. Bojangles... Or my cat Elizabeth?


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What traits do you seek?

What are you looking for in this date? I do not know about a roostor, but cats will pay attention and want attention as well. Hope you enjoy your time with whomever you choose to spend more time with.

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Just don't have sex.

That would be cruel; the other partner would get hurt a lot.

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Yeah, the animals aren't big enough D:

That would just like.. Break them. Euch. I'm sure you don't want your chicken boyfriend to turn into chicken strips...
That's redick!

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Ask them both, and go with whichever says yes?

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Perhaps you could take each

Perhaps you could take each one on a separate date, and see which one you're most comfortable with. That seems reasonable :)

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Yeah now that I think about

Yeah now that I think about my rooster doesn't really like to be held and petted as much as my cat does. So I am sure she would be a much better choice when it comes to a date.

As for sex... that is fucking gross... a zoophile I most certianly am not. People only when it comes to the sex department :P

So now that we have the choice of who to take out of the way... Where should I go?... What should I do?... I have never been on a date before :S

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Kitties don't really like to be walked or anything, so :P

Make her some nice fish or chicken bits and watch a movie? :P
That's redick!

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I agree with Draco's approach

Staying at home maybe the way to go. Unless she does like being outside.