So yeah.

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Amazon snuck out their little update 6.2.2 for the kindle fire. I had no say in whether I wanted to install it or not. One second everything was fine, then INSTALLING UPDATE comes on the screen. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" I wanted to turn it off but that probably would have screwed the update and I would have a bricked tablet.

All root access was removed. All the root apps stayed, but they just won't work without root access. At least Android Market still works! I've been wanting to re-root, but now it seems everything I've already done on root is good enough for now. I rather wait until the end of the semester to root just in case somehow something goes wrong and, BOOM! Bricked...

Even though the odds of bricking are low when you know exactly what you're doing, but I rather wait. Root isn't the priority now, course work on the kindle fire is. lol Thanks for reading!