Something to consider.

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I don't think you can really find happiness; I think you create it. People are in such a hurry to find it, as if it's locked away somewhere. Everyone thinks there are maps that can lead them to it, that there's some big secret to discovering it. If I could change this, I'll be happy. If I do that, I'll be happy. We turn happiness into a solution to a complex equation and we make the equation nearly impossible to solve.

But I think it's something that you have to teach yourself to make. People who are depressed or unsatisfied don't know how to create it or express it. I think people could find happiness in any situation, if only they had the mental and emotional capacity.

And that's just one of the many downfalls of society--we don't want to search within ourselves. We'd rather read a self-help book written by some celebrity doctor or turn on the television in the vain hope that it will give us the answers to "finding" happiness. Self-awareness, I think, is the main ingredient needed to make happiness. The method each of us uses to create it differs from person to person. How I create happiness is very different from how you create it. No, you can't be in an eternal state of happiness, but you can create it as often as you can, until it comes almost automatically in the simplest or most unexpected times.

That's my theory about happiness, anyway. I can't prove it and I'm not a philosopher, but it's what my eternal quest for knowledge has led me to believe.

That was something I wrote to my sixth grade teacher. We were discussing happiness.


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Lurve it! <3

That's redick!

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I'm thinking about expanding it and putting in our school newspaper, maybe putting some humor in it, but teenagers don't like being told how to do anything XD

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This is really, really

This is really, really insightful. This makes perfect sense. I think you should share with this whole world!

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Thank you. I'll be able to

Thank you. I'll be able to share this with my school, at least, if anyone is willing to read it :P

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These are very thought

These are very thought provoking thoughts on happiness. I have a question..what about when being self-aware is the cause of the unhappiness? Or did I interpret that part wrong.. does being self-aware in this context mean the whole searching in yourself is to find happiness or to find what makes you happy?

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What I meant by that was we

What I meant by that was we really have to know ourselves to know what will lead us to happiness, to know what we want in life. Self-awareness is, of course, knowing who you are and your motives and all that jazz.

But I could definitely see that self-awareness could possibly cause unhappiness. I think it's caused me a bit of unhappiness at times. So it can go both ways, I suppose. Good point.

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I see, that makes a lot of

I see, that makes a lot of sense now that I really think on it. Truly, I think the moments when we think self-awareness is causing unhappiness are defining opportunities for us to create the happiness like you were talking about. All in all, your insight is spot on, really has made me think about stuff, thank you!