Still here. :-)

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So yeah I've not been doing too much these days aside from the countdown to Spring semester beginning. So my lymphnode is being very mellow recently which is very welcome. My back sucks probably because of the cold weather and bad back posture. But it's really not that bad, it resolves itself. And those are just some little things.

Anyway, I was thinking when I get a new pair of eye-glasses I might get a nice double-bridge pair. Something with smaller Aviator features but in silver and definately with transition lenses. Now that would be a badass pair, in my firm opinion. It would definately be an improvement to my little semi-rimless pair (that pair bends too easily).

Something like these:

(removed for privacy)

So anyway, moving onto another thing. I really like anything leather, the jackets, pants, boots and the like. Leather is freaking awesome. Plus with my long hair everything kind of goes together. Just tossing it out there. :-)


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I'm not impressed...

...with the double bridge!

As for the lenses, I'd prefer more rectangular.

In your environment "transition" may make sense... but you have to compromise on non-polarized. My preference would be for customized grey polarized clip-ons (expensive... and I'm constantly losing them!) :(

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Well to me it's usually sunny in my region. So the Photochromatic Lenses make sense.

Maybe you should get Photochromatic lenses? That would solve the problem. :-)

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You should consider...

...that (1) they will not darken if light source has passed thru a glass window (e.g., inside a car), and (2) glare reduction via polarization is not possible.

Otherwise... cool!

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I've considered the good and the bad and I'll go with the Transitions lenses. :-)