Stupid Wind!

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Living in Scotland weather is well.... SHIT! the best weather in Scotland is like 3 days of sun in the summer and Snow in the winter and the worst weather we enjoy Thunder hate rain but absolute worst is Hurricane Force Winds.

the skive past cause alot of damage and take out all the power, take down trees, break roofs & fences.

i spent all the morning cleaning my back garden and fixing my fence with old stuff and non-electric tech then a tree fails and crushes my Neighbour Jeffs legs waited 2 bloody hours for an ambulance from the large hospital on the other bloody side of Edinburgh cause the closer ones where too busy inside the city.

dam Hurricane weather.

on a unrelated note who supports shipping characters from TV?.

i ship AppleDash because its like me & AJ & ship RariPie because its like Racheal & Rosie both ships are from Friendship is magic.